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Section VI-The Party

I love Uncle Bilboís birthday parties. Funny, they are mine too, but I find myself referring to it as his more often than not. An old habit from childhood I suppose. Though we share the same birthday, his after all comes first, and he is getting on in age. He on the other hand always refers to them as ďours.Ē The dear old hobbit surprisingly remembers this is also my coming of age party and has spoken of it in spite of being particularly preoccupied with the party plans. I am once again grateful he adopted me. I can never repay him. Along with book learning Iíve met numerous interesting folk who come to visit from time to time, and the stories shared enrich and expand my world. Someday, Iím going to visit the places of which I have heard so many tales, just like Uncle Bilbo.

This party has been especially magnificent. Half the Shire was invited to begin with and whoever wasnít invited showed up anyway. It actually started around lunch, progressed through afternoon tea and on through dinner. Uncle Bilbo passed out wonderful presents. Food and drink is plentiful, and the best the Shire has to offer. The games and dancing fill the air with shouts of laughter and music. Iíve enjoyed my share of the dancing with a few of our fair Shire lasses.

Speaking of which, dear Sam, whatever am I to do with him? Rosie has quite captured his heart. Sheís a pretty thing. Sweet and gentle like Sam, but heís as frightened as a rabbit when it comes to speaking to her. Think Iíll just simply give him a little push in the right direction, as you might say.

As I chuckle over the fireworks between Sam and Rosie, Gandalf is sharing fireworks of his own. Itís getting close to the time for Uncle Bilboís speech. The crowd is gazing skyward. Iím sure itís just more of Gandalfís fireworks. What is that? Dragon?! I donít think Iíve ever seen hobbits drop to the ground so quickly, myself included as I dragged Uncle Bilbo down with me. Knew there would be plenty of excitement tonight. Seems Merry and Pippin are into their usual mischief, I can see Gandalf has got them washing dishes. Things should start winding down now. The crowd is starting to call for Bilboís speech.