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Section XII-Walking Trip with Sam

The weather today looks promising. As I ask Sam to accompany me on my walk today, I am surprised and amused by his face and the study of emotions found there. Never realized before how easy it is to see what he's thinking. First, there's a moment of surprise quickly followed by delight and then consternation, as though there were an argument going on inside.

I lightly mentioned that I'd found a few plants that I wasn't familiar with and I wondered if he'd tell me about them and if they might be added to the gardens here at Bag End. I had to stifle a burst of laughter as I watched his face move from consternation to relief, to excitement and then just as quickly take on a serious look as he immediately began working out what needed to go with us.

I assured him that we would only be gone a few hours, but still he insisted on packing a small satchel. I briefly wondered if it was worth all the trouble when so often I leave without anything but maybe a book. Sam really was quite quick about it, and in not very long we were off on our walk.

I had decided beforehand to take Sam to the reading spot where I wait for Gandalf. There's a shrub in the stand of trees there I'm not familiar with. If I remember right, it has delicate, white, five-petal flowers with little, dark green leaves. I haven't seen it in the garden. It seems to prefer a copse to the open fields, at least that's where I've found it. It also grows quite low to the ground.

When I showed it to Sam he snorted a bit and was quick to assure me that he didn't mean no disrespect. The funny little plant was a weed he said, and we didn't want it in the garden no way. What was it he called it? Oh yes, King's Foil. Odd name for a weed.