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Section XVI-Unexpected Walking Trip

After breakfast, took a peek outside and found an unusually pleasant day. Abandoned my book plans and took the opportunity to grab Sam and head out for the day. Winter will be settling in soon enough, but for today, it is kept at bay. At first, Sam was mulling over the things what needed doing about the place, but just as quickly gave in when I sighed heavily that I would just simply have to go without him. One way or another, I needed to be out under the sky, and today I actually really wanted Sam's company.

More than anything I wanted to stretch my legs a bit but also find a bit of peace and quiet in the open. The beloved walls of Bag End will become all too familiar soon enough. Decided, quite unreasonably, that this would also give me a chance to ask Sam what will be happening at Bag End during the next few months and the plans for the spring garden. I could have easily done this at Bag End, but it kept Sam from feeling guilty about neglecting his duties.

Now that I am master of Bag End, I feel I really should be more involved. Thinking back, I remember all the time Uncle Bilbo spent talking with the Gaffer. They spent hours together walking through the garden discussing this and that. What exactly, I really do not know. I didn't give it much heed at the time, but now I am wishing I had paid a bit more attention, but there you have it and can't change it now.

Besides, by bringing Sam along, I know I will get second breakfast, luncheon, and afternoon tea. Not that I really need any fattening up, but something warm would be nice on this day and where I so often can't bring myself to take the time to build a fire for cooking, Sam seems to think nothing of it. He frequently slips in a treat of some sort for our trips, something fresh from the garden, but with the garden spent I know there will be none of that this time.

I already miss the fresh vegetables and fruits. Fortunately, plenty has been laid up for winter, but it just isn't quite the same as popping a berry from the bush and into one's mouth getting the sweet juice all over one's fingers and down one's chin. Sometimes a rather messy business but delightful all the same. Still, there's next year to look forward to.

I found myself taking in deep breaths at first and drinking in the blue sky above and noticed Sam doing the same. A blessed reprieve from the coming dark of winter.