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Section XXXII-An Ordinary Day

The day started out ordinary enough. Over first breakfast, Sam caught me up on the gardening news, as though I didn't know what it was up to with all the fresh vegetables and fruit on the table at each meal. I suppressed the smile but obviously could not hide the twinkle in my eyes for Sam quickly lowered his eyes and turned a shade of red that almost matched the tomato he was about to bite into. The last week or two I have found myself more occupied with things what need doing in the here and now. Plans to go to Rivendell are resting quietly in the back of my mind. Besides, I'm leaving in the fall, there's still plenty of time to plan the little details.

After second breakfast, I joined Sam in the garden. He's quite the job keeping up with picking what's ripe and leaving what's not. I pretend to help him but most of what I pick ends up in my mouth and not in the bucket he gives me. I take a certain amount of glee in this for I can see in his face that his inclination is to scold me, like he would an errant child. He does manage to catch himself before actually saying anything, but he does open and close his mouth, though not a sound comes out. He did finally take the bucket away informing me that it weren't no use me havin' it as it was just takin' up space in my hand and I might as well have two hands free for pickin'. He struggled to give me a stern look, but it was of no use. I simply gave him an innocent look and smiled while telling him the garden produce was absolutely luscious and no mistake. That did it. Sam's glare of annoyance evaporated into an unmistakable grin. Needless to say, elevensies and luncheon were spent in the garden. And very tasty it was.

We enjoyed a leisurely tea time and dinner, avoiding the afternoon heat in the cool of Bag End. I tried to better organize some of the papers on various tables while Sam checked the stores in the cellar. We both agreed that supper at the Green Dragon would be a pleasant diversion to end the day.

The Green Dragon was filled with its usual bustling activity. There were a few stories of strange folk about, but I didn't pay it much mind, as I had met many of them and caught up on what news was available. Mostly, I shut it out of my thoughts and once again watched the shy interactions between Sam and Rosie. We stayed until well into the evening. Though I tried to persuade Sam to spend a bit more time with Rosie he was firm about heading home with me. She was drying a mug as we headed out the door. She wished us good night with a sweet smile I know was not for me, the longing in their eyes...I found myself briefly placing a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder. We walked home in amicable silence and parted company at the gate to Bag End with simple good nights.

As I stepped in the door, Bag End seemed somehow disturbed. Suddenly, I understand Sam's awareness of things changed about the hearth. I have noticed from time to time his quizzical gaze about the pans and utensils whenever I use them unbeknownst to him. He's like a dog with a bone worrying at it, usually until I explain that I used said item in question. At first, it annoyed me that I couldn't use anything without Sam being aware of it. Now, I offer the information out of hand. It seems that though Sam loves adventure out and about, he is not one for mysteries in his own kitchen, so to speak.

I don't remember leaving the window open. A gentle breeze is pushing the papers about left there on the desk. I carefully looked about taking a few more steps deeper into Bag End. I'm feeling a bit hesitant but not much really. This is, after all, the Shire. Nothing exciting ever happens here, unless of course Gandalf is about. Suddenly a hand firmly grasped my shoulder, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. The day started out so ordinary.