Through Frodo's Eyes

Ladyhawkhollow is purely for fun. After seeing the movie The Lord of the Rings, I found myself captured by Frodo and trying to understand him. This is simply my exploration of Frodo’s thoughts. I realize there are many who would prefer one not try to get inside his head, but for me it was an opportunity to explore a little deeper the character that holds my heart. Please respect the work is my own and copyrighted as far as possible with the humble acknowledgment that in truth it is Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien’s story touched by Peter Jackson. When I started to create my story, Through Frodo’s Eyes, some worried about missing an entry so I decided to follow Stef Baggins’ skillful lead and create a webpage for it. Like many ideas that start out as little things, it seemed to take on a life of its own. This turned into a learning experience of sharing some of my favorite writers and webpages. The gallery was part of Fluffy’s school homework assignment of which this is the result. What is here are simply a few things I love and wanted easy accessibility to all in the same place. My thanks to Peter Jackson and all those who worked with him to create the movie-magic of LOTR. Special appreciation goes to Elijah Wood for bringing Frodo so vividly to life. Finally, my deepest gratitude to God the Father and His son Jesus Christ, my Savior, for giving my heart wings and setting me free of the ring that was mine to bear and blessing me with some measure of peace.

~~Ladyhawk Baggins