Son of Gondor

Captain of Gondor and more....
Fennas Haradren

This tale takes place in the year before the events leading up to the attack on Osgiliath by Sauron, and Boromir setting out on his quest in July 3018.

Face of the Enemy Chapter 1
Face of the Enemy Chapter 2
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Face of the Enemy Chapter 6
Face of the Enemy Chapter 7
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The Sword That Was Broken

A Blade for the Battle

Shadow Under the Moon

To Heed A Dream

110 Days - The Journey Begins....

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Epilogue "Farewell"

Out of Despair, Joy

Do Not Gloat Over Me, My Enemy

The Dream

Hobbitlove's conversation that started all the others, 6 September 2002 The House Call

Chapter 32 was where Boromir had to stay for awhile until I could get online again. As you will see in the following little conversation, he was not happy about it. I have had to do this in self-defense, as I cannot get anything done, I keep having to write, write, write! So I have had to lock him up and go away, LOL! The Argument

Linaewen and Boromir have Another Argument

It is December the 23rd and TTT is showing everywhere and is the hot topic on the boards... Linaewen and Boromir discuss The Situation

Linaewen and Boromir have finally seen TTT and have A Discussion

Boromir pleads with Linaewen...a conversation after Lin finally gets to see the FOTR EE DVD...Another Discussion

A Steely Look in His Eye...between Linaewen & Boromir about Boromir...The Conversation

Boromir Balks at an Untimely End...on the subject of February 26...A Conversation

Monday holidays... Boromir shares...His opinion

Boromir attempts to give Linaewen some advice...a conversation about...Inklings

Boromir Packs a Bag...Another Conversation

Boromir discusses with Linaewen the possiblities of...a Treebeard tale

Linaewen Bakes a Cake......a conversation with Boromir about...Anniversaries

Boromir experiences the Power of Cheese...a conversation with Linaewen and others...Memorial Day

Thanks so much for all your great comments on Monday's inkling. I notice a number of you are now reading with reluctance, as the dreaded end approaches. I know what you mean! A few months back, Boromir and I had a conversation about his reluctance for me to end his tale in death. Well, now our roles are reversed.... Linaewen Balks at Boromir's End......Our Conversation

Linaewen Tries to Change the Subject......Yet Another Conversation

A conversation with Boromir about.....Linaewen's New Calendar

A conversation with Boromir.....Traveling Light

A rather one-sided conversation.....Linaewen's New Job

Another conversation with Boromir.....Heads at a Loss

Boromir shares some thoughts on his viewing of ROTK.....Letter to Linaewen

Fourth and Goal....a conversation with Boromir about.....American Football

A conversation with Boromir about.....Heading South

Linaewen and the List of Doom...a conversation of sorts....

A conversation with Boromir about...going to the airport....

Just Sleeping... A conversation with Boromir

A conversation with Boromir... Linaewen's Bane

A Boromir conversation... The New Guy on the Shelf

A conversation with Boromir... Cookies, the Doom of Men

A conversation with Boromir about Climbing Mount Caradhras...

A conversation with Boromir about Calling 911...