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Son of Gondor

by Lineawen

The Argument

**Boromir is unhappy that Linaewen has posted her last inkling before moving overseas. He paces the floor in some agitation while Lin is on her knees busily packing a suitcase.**

BOROMIR: You cannot do this, it is folly to leave me there in Moria in the dark! I did not even want to take that road; now I will be trapped there for weeks!

LIN: Don't bother me now. I must see this packing done.

BOROMIR: I do not care for being underground. Could you not write a few more chapters, just to get me out into the open air?

LIN: No time. It's your fault I'm so far behind with this packing -- always inspiring me to write just one more chapter! You'll just have to stay put for the time being.

BOROMIR: (sighing) It will be long before I have any hope of seeing the light of day.

LIN: Well, it won't be as long as one hundred and ten days, but it will be several weeks before we are settled, and have internet access so I can post. You'll just have to be patient.

**Linaewen pokes around in her carry-on bag, arranging and rearranging various items. Boromir tries to look patient, but is unsuccessful.**

LIN: What are you so worried about anyway? I won't be ignoring you; I'll be writing new chapters the whole time I'm traveling. (lifts bag with an effort) See how heavy my carry-on bag is? It's full of all the things I need to write your story!

BOROMIR: (peering inside the bag) Oh. Forgive me, I did not see.

**Linaewen returns to her packing, while Boromir sits on a suitcase and tries to calm himself. Suddenly he leaps to his feet.**

BOROMIR: And if our readers forget about us, what then?

LIN: (sighing) Don't worry so much! It will only be a few weeks, they won't forget.

BOROMIR: Are you certain you cannot write one more small chapter? As far as the cave troll, perhaps? I would be content to wait if I could say, "They have a cave troll!" before we leave.

LIN: No! You know how you are! If I try to write to that point you'll come up with some inner thought or new insight that will make me go on for more chapters than I'd planned and I'll never get anything else done!

**Boromir looks abashed, then shrugs his shoulders in resignation.**

BOROMIR: Very well, then. I will face the long dark of Moria with patience. May the day of my release be not too long delayed!

**Linaewen does not hear these last words. Her eyes have glazed over as the Muse strikes from out of nowhere. Packing is forgotten.**

LIN: The long dark of Moria...hmmmm...that gives me an idea...

**Boromir quietly hands her the pen and notepad.**