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Son of Gondor

by Lineawen

Another Argument

**Boromir is irritated with Linaewen because she has made so little progress at writing him out of the Mines of Moria. Linaewen is trying to sleep, as she still has her days and nights mixed up from the long trip.**

BOROMIR: You promised me you would write while you traveled, and here I sit, still trapped in the long dark of Moria! And what have you written? Three paragraphs only!

LIN: (sighing) I'm sorry. I had good intentions, but I just couldn't concentrate on the plane, and I've hardly had a minute free since we arrived, what with unpacking and getting settled and meeting friends.

BOROMIR: It is dark here...very dark.

LIN: (soothingly) I know! (She sits up in bed) Wait a minute! Doesn't Aragorn have a torch by now? I know I wrote that much at least.

BOROMIR: (reluctantly) Well, yes. But it is still dark! So tell me...when are you going to see this done?

LIN: Tomorrow. I should have some time tomorrow...I hope!

BOROMIR: (shaking his head) Even now you say there is hope that you will be writing soon, but I cannot see it.

LIN: Now, now! Don't go losing faith on me. I'll see your story restored!

BOROMIR: (with a note of pleading in his voice) Let it be tomorrow, then, for pity's sake!

LIN: All right , all right! Tomorrow it is! Now let me sleep, or my health will be failing and so will your rule!

**Boromir laughs with relief, and putting the horn of Gondor to his lips, he blows a loud blast.**

BOROMIR: Cave troll, here we come!

**Linaewen hides her head under her pillow as Boromir goes off to sharpen his sword.**