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Son of Gondor

Boromir spies out the land...

**Boromir returns from his mission of lurking on the borders of ME and reports to Linaewen, who is waiting anxiously for news.**

Lin: What do you have to report? What is it like out there?

Boromir: (shaking his sadly) It is still very dangerous. The posts go by so quickly I was afraid I would be swept away!

Lin: Did anyone see you?

Boromir: I am not certain. I believe a few may have noticed me, and paused briefly, but they were swept aside by the force of the current.

Lin: (thinking furiously) This does not bode well for posting an inkling. It may be too soon.

Boromir: (laying a hand on his horn) I am not afraid! Post a new inkling! I will sound the horn of Gondor and they will flock to me!

Lin: Perhaps...and if they do not, what then? Our efforts will be wasted. No...I think we need to change our plan.

Boromir: So we will retreat in dishonor and not post a new chapter this week?

Lin: No, not at all! I was thinking more of a diversion. Perhaps a repost of a previous chapter or two...ones that might catch their attention...

Boromir: Ah, I see! Yes...they might be willing to pause for the chapter about fighting with Faramir at Osgiliath! What a battle that was!

Lin: Or meeting Eomer and accompanying him to Edoras!

Boromir: Good, good! (slaps his fist in his hand, muttering) I do wish I had given that Wormtongue a kick while I had the chance...So which will it be?

**Linaewen scribbles a few words on several slips of paper, folds them and shuffles them around on the table.**

Lin: Choose!

**Boromir looks carefully at the slips strewn about on the table, then reaches out decisively, and choosing one, hands it to Linaewen. She opens it and reads its contents. She smiles slowly and nods her head.**

Lin: Good choice! So be it! We will repost this later today. Go back now and keep watch for a good opening. I will prepare the inkling.

Boromir: As you wish. Let us hope our presence may NOT go unnoticed...