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Son of Gondor

Another Discussion...

**After two months of frustration and thwarted efforts, Linaewen and Mr. Linaewen have finally been able to get a DVD ROM to work and to play FOTR Extended version on their computer. Lin is now staring at her computer screen, mesmerized, as she watches her EE DVD. Boromir enters the room, looking irritated.**

Boromir: Linaewen! Why are you not writing? I must move forward! I am unhappy here in Lorien; there is nothing for me to do. I must be out restoring the glory of Gondor.

Lin: (not really paying attention) Yes, yes, patience...Lorien is a nice place, just relax...have a rest...

Boromir: I will find no rest here! I must get out of these treetops and take the west road to my City. (throws his hands up in despair) Why do you delay?

Lin: I'm sorry, Boromir, but I've been waiting over two months to see this, and after all I've been through trying to get a working player to play this DVD, I just need a little time to savor it. Give me a moment, for pity's sake!

Boromir: (sulking) Two months is not so long a time.

Lin: It seemed like forever to me!

Boromir: It is strange that you should have suffered so much fear and doubt over so small a thing as a DVD.

Lin: Not so small a thing, for a Tolkien fanatic like myself. Anyway, stop fussing! I'm watching it now to get ideas for your inkling.

Boromir: (emphatically) No, you are not! You are watching "A Day in the Life of a Hobbit," and last time I looked, I was a bit taller than that!

Lin: (looking guilty) Oh, my! How did that happen? I must have clicked on the wrong chapter.

Boromir crosses his arms across his chest and gives Linaewen a severe look.

Boromir: No doubt.

Lin: All right, all right! (She switches discs and checks the menu.) Let's see, what's next? (clicks on Chapter 37) Right, the Fellowship on the flet with Haldir, that was Monday's inkling...that one turned out pretty well, considering I wrote most of it without actually seeing it, except through the eyes of my spies, and a few pictures off the internet....Hmmmm! After the flet and the walk through the woods...ahhhh! Galadriel!

Boromir: (frowning) Can we skip that part? I was hoping for something with a little more action.

Lin: Skip that part?! One of the key incidents involving Boromir in the whole film, not to mention the book? I think not!

Boromir: It was just a suggestion. I find that part...well...a bit personal. You know I do not like people to see me cry in public.

Lin: (patting his hand) I know, but it has to be faced! (She clicks on another chapter.) Hmmm! This is interesting...they don't show you getting a gift here. I wonder why? I assume you got one?

**Boromir looks at the ceiling and refuses to answer.**

Lin: Okay, be that way. I'll figure it out.

**Linaewen clicks on a few more chapters; her attention is suddenly caught and she stares raptly at the screen. Boromir is gratified to see that she is watching the extended fight sequence. Suddenly the screen goes dark.**

Lin: Oh, drat! There goes the electricity again, as usual right in the most exciting part! I suppose it will be off for the rest of the day, too. Now what?

Boromir: (shrugging) Only you can decide what to do with the time that is given you. But, I do have a suggestion...perhaps you could write down a few of those ideas you gleaned from the movie?

Lin: (snatching up her notebook and pen) Good idea! I'd better do it quickly, too, before I forget. Now then...what were you saying about restoring the glory of Gondor...?