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Son of Gondor

The Conversation...

**Linaewen and Boromir are discussing the finer qualities of Linaewen's new Boromir action figure.**

Lin: Wasn't it nice for my good friend to send me such a wonderful present? I am so pleased!

Boromir: A good friend indeed. It was very kind of her.

Lin: Yes, she knows what a great Boromir fan I am.

Boromir: No Boromir fan should be without a Boromir action figure; I am surprised you did not get one before this.

Lin: Well, I looked and looked, but I couldn't find Boromir anywhere. Lots of Aragorn, but no Boromir. (sighs contentedly) It's been hard waiting until someone could hand carry him out here; I was afraid he'd break if I had him sent through the mail.

Boromir: Impossible! I am indestructible, remember?

Lin: I didn't want to risk it.

**Linaewen adjusts little Boromir's sword and shield for the hundredth time.**

Lin: It is hard to believe that a plastic toy could actually have that special Boromir "don't you dare come near these little ones" glint in the eye!

Boromir: Yes, I too am pleased. I was not certain it would be a good likeness.

Lin: Oh, it's perfect! Look at this!

**Linaewen holds up the torn off page from January 15 from her daily FOTR calendar, which features a picture of Boromir at the Council of Elrond. Boromir raises his eyebrows.**

Boromir: Impressive! A surprisingly good likeness! (He frowns slightly.) I am disappointed, however, that the Horn of Gondor is missing. Without my horn I am incomplete.

Lin: (sighing sadly) I know what you mean. I am very sorry that the Horn got separated in packing. My friends who brought him have promised to look for it. There is a chance they may find it...

Boromir: (shaking his head) You say there is hope, but I cannot see it.

Lin: Well...I suppose you are right. The chances of finding it are not was such a little thing...

**They both stand silently for a moment, mourning the loss of the Horn of Gondor.**

Lin: (her face brightening) But he does look magnificent, doesn't he! Gripping his sword and shield, cloak billowing out behind, a steely look in his eye; he's very inspiring! I feel an inkling coming on just looking at him!

**Boromir looks proudly at the smaller version of himself and nods with satisfaction.**

Lin: And look, if I press this button on his back he waves his shield and strikes with his sword. How heroic!

Boromir: It is nice to be able to pose heroically without having to worry about arrows out of nowhere.

Lin: Yes, Lurtz would have given you no end of trouble, good thing he's not here.

Boromir: So the Lurtz action figure that came with this one remains in the packaging and was not sent?

Lin: No, he wasn't sent; he will stay in storage at my parent's house for the time being. There wasn't room in the parcel for both figures to be sent for my friends to put in their luggage. Of course, I wasn't going to choose Lurtz over Boromir!

Boromir: You chose wisely.

Lin: Well, I think so...but I'm pretty sure Mr. Linaewen is still miffed that I didn't have Lurtz sent out as well. I think he was looking forward to reenacting the battle of Amon Hen...Now where shall we put him? On the mantlepiece?

Boromir: It was nice having me be the center of attention on the kitchen table.

Lin: I'm afraid the kitchen table is out; Mr. Linaewen was complaining that it spoiled his appetite to have little Boromir brandishing his sword fiercely while we ate.

Boromir: The mantle then; it has a good view of the room. If I am not present, little Boromir will be able to guard you and make certain you keep yourself to task. Speaking of which, you really ought to get back to work on Chapter 45.

**Linaewen, looking somewhat annoyed, picks up her notebook and pen, and sits down where she has a good view of Boromir on the mantle. She grumbles a bit under her breath.**