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Son of Gondor

The conversation...

**Linaewen is at the computer typing feverishly; every now and then she checks the calendar on the wall.**

Lin: (muttering) I am so far behind with this! That Boromir! He is always adding extra chapters! I can hardly believe I am still writing this inkling after almost a year, and he's still only gotten as far as Lorien! (sighing) Well, there is still time to draw this to a close in time to post the last chapter of Son of Gondor on February 26, Boromir's death anniversary...if I keep at it...and post several chapters a week...and let all my other work slide...and don't stop to eat....Now if I can just keep from getting interrupted...

**Boromir sticks his head in at the door.**

Boromir: Are you talking about my death again? I thought we had settled this; I am indestructible, remember?

**Linaewen stops typing and covers her face with her hands.**

Lin: (her voice muffled) So much for no interruptions! (looking up with a sigh) No, Boromir, that was just foreshadowing. You are very tough and hard to kill, but you are definitely not indestructible.

Boromir: (comes into the room, looking irritated) Why do I always have to die in the end?

Lin: Look, it's in the book, see? (shows him a dog-eared copy of TTT) Right here....'"Boromir is dead," said Aragorn...' And the script of the film says...

Boromir: (holding up his hand) Do not tell me, I know it by heart! My brother, my captain, my king, then I gasp my last.

Lin: You got it.

**Linaewen waits for a moment, as Boromir seems about to speak. When he does not, she goes back to her typing. Boromir strides about the room, muttering to himself, then approaches Linaewen at the computer.**

Boromir: There are other ways, Linaewen...other paths that we might take.

Lin: What do you mean?

Boromir: I have really been looking forward to getting back to Minas Tirith, you see my brother...Could you not just change the ending of the story, so I would not have to die?

**Boromir looks appealingly at Linaewen over the top of the computer moniter.**

Lin: (shaking her head) No, I'm sorry...And stop looking at me like that! As much as I hate to see you go, you have to die in the end. It's one of the main points of the story. It cannot be changed! (Boromir looks disappointed.) Besides, I have already written that ending; I wrote it ages ago in June of last year, before you had even reached Rivendell. It's a great chapter, I have to use it!

**Boromir comes around behind Linaewen and looks over her shoulder as she brings up the file. He reads for a moment, then clears his throat a few times before speaking.**

Boromir: Hmmm! Yes...not bad. Rather moving, actually.

Lin: There won't be a dry eye in ME by the time they're done reading this.

Boromir: (sniffing a bit) Yes...well, there is that. But still.... (He thinks carefully for a moment) What if you write an epilogue where I wake up and it all turns out to have been just a dream?

**Linaewen just looks at him coldly.**

Boromir: Forgive me. A bad idea.

Lin: Yes.

Boromir: (sighing heavily) So death it is, since I cannot avoid it...but must it be arrows?

Lin: The book, Boromir, remember? The film? Itís a magnificent scene, you do it so well!

**Boromir lays his hand on his chest, and swallows hard.**

Boromir: Yes, but arrows! They are sharp!

Lin: (sympathetically) Yes, I know, arrows are difficult.

**Linaewen suddenly gets a dreamy look in her eye and heaves a great sigh.**

Lin: Ah, but it's sooo dramatic, Boromir! The stuff of poetry! You know what I mean, you've seen how marvelous it all looks on Boriel's site, where she has put up pictures from the film to go with all the poems about your heroic last stand and your touching death scene.

Boromir: Yes, Boriel has done well. (thinks for a moment) I suppose it could be considered a bit heroic...

Lin: Boriel has had to post kleenex warnings! That's how heroic it is! Just think, then, what effect our inkling will have on people! That's what it's all about, Boromir; fans reading about warriors fighting on in spite of being mortally wounded...dying heroically...women weeping...

Boromir: (looks at Linaewen with interest) Women weeping? Hmmm! Perhaps I could bear it if there were women weeping. Can you promise me that?

Lin: I can definitely guarantee women weeping, and probably a few men, too.

Boromir: Very well then! (winces slightly and frowns) But must it be so soon?

Lin: You must admit, February 26 is the perfect day, being your death anniversary; it is a fitting day to post your last chapter, don't you think?

Boromir: (reluctantly) I suppose so. Though I do not see how you can possibly finish in time. There is much yet to be written.

Lin: I know, I know!

**Linaewen resumes her typing, relieved that she has finally convinced Boromir. Boromir watches for a moment, then leans over and whispers in Linaewen's ear.**

Boromir: You do not want to end this story just yet.

Lin: (muttering) I do not want to end this story just yet...

Boromir: You should add a few more chapters...stretch it out until April at least.

Lin: Perhaps I could add a few more chapters...stretch it out until April at least...

**Linaewen begins to type with renewed vigor, as Boromir exits the room quietly, smiling with great satisfaction.**