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Son of Gondor

Boromir's Opinion...

**Linaewen is busy composing a poem for February 26, Boromir's death anniversary. She is lost in thought, staring at the ceiling when Boromir strides into the room. Linaewen jumps and her papers scatter.

Lin: Don't you ever knock?

Boromir: (ignoring her complaint) It is Monday; do you have my inkling ready for posting?

Lin: Yes, it is ready, but I will not be posting it today.

**Boromir looks at Linaewen sternly.**

Boromir: And why is that, may I ask?

Lin: Today is President's Day, a holiday for many. There may be fewer readers on the boards today, so I did not want to risk posting your next chapter when it might be missed by some.

Boromir: (exasperated) Another Monday holiday! What is this new devilry? Do you have these Monday holidays every month? There was another one of these days recently, was there not?

Lin: Yes, last month. As I recall you had fewer comments on your inkling that day.

Boromir: (shaking his head in bewilderment) It seems a strange kind of holiday to me. Gondor has no President's Day; Gondor needs no President's Day! Why do you need one in your country?

Lin: You and your Gondor! Just because Gondor doesn't have such a day, that doesn't mean we can't! It's a nice day for remembering our past leaders, and we do like our legal holidays; makes for a nice long weekend.

**Boromir is not really listening, he is too busy pacing about the room and gesturing emphatically.**

Boromir: Why do these holidays always fall on Mondays? It seems a very strange coincidence; it must be an orcish conspiracy! It is bad enough that my scenes have been cut from The Two Towers, must I also be preempted from my inkling day?

Lin: Now, now! You are not yourself, you are over-reacting here.

**With great effort, Boromir manages to calm himself.**

Boromir: Forgive me, a madness took me, but it has passed. It is just that this next chapter is quite important to me; I was looking forward to sharing it.

Lin: I know! But don't you see, that is why we are waiting! It is a very moving chapter, and I don't want it to be missed or spoiled because of the holiday. I know there will be women weeping over this one; it would be a shame to disappoint them.

Boromir: That is true. But what of those who expect to see us on Mondays? We cannot disappoint them. We must...

Lin: (interrupting) I know what you would say, and it would seem like wisdom, but for the warning in my heart.

Boromir: Warning? Against what?

Lin: Against being too eager, too impatient. If you will but lend me one more day, I promise you, you will not regret it. We will certainly post it tomorrow. Besides, Ladyhawk is also waiting until tomorrow to post her TFE inkling; we have both been advised to wait until Tuesday.

**Boromir grumbles under his breath.**

Lin: Boromir, none of us should wander the boards alone; Frodo least of all. We must stay together in this. You know you like your inkling to be on alongside Frodo's.

Boromir: Yes, that is so. (heaves a big sigh) Very well, if this is indeed your will and your counsel, then I will be patient, and see it done tomorrow.

**Linaewen looks at Boromir kindly.**

Lin: I can see that you are still disappointed. Would it help ease your pain to repost one of your older chapters?

Boromir: (looking grateful) Yes, that would help.

Lin: Well, I was thinking, Chapter 11 has some relationship to what we will be posting on Tuesday, would that do?

Boromir: (thinking) Chapter 11...that is just after the skirmish with the Black Riders at Tharbad, is it not? Hmmm...I believe in that one I am considering the significance of the prophetic dream...yes! That would be a good review for my readers, before they read the next chapter. Do you need any help in getting it ready?

Lin: No, no, I have more inspiration than I can cope with right now, you'd best be off defending our borders or something.

Boromir: As you wish. Until tomorrow then.

**Boromir leaves the room, and Linaewen gathers her scattered papers. She looks through them carefully, chewing on her pencil.**

Lin: I'm going to have to do something with that man of Gondor; he is getting too bossy for my own good! Hmmmm...a few poems about sharp arrows might take him down a notch...