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Son of Gondor

Boromir's Advice...

**Linaewen is busy scribbling notes for upcoming chapters of Son of Gondor.**

Lin: Boromir, what was that idea you had about your journey on the Anduin after leaving Lorien? You know, the one that involved Merry and Pippin...?

**There is no answer. Linaewen looks up and notices that Boromir is walking about with his hand over his mouth.**

Lin: What are you doing?

Boromir: (removing his hand and speaking very quickly) I am afraid I have gotten you in trouble with all my ideas. Have you not seen the recent discussion on the board about inklings?

Lin: Yes, I saw it, after it was mostly over. It was quite a discussion, wasn't it? We have such discussions on occasion, it's pretty normal, really. But why do you think I am in trouble, and why are you covering your mouth like that?

Boromir: You have certainly contributed to the weight of inklings on the board, have you not? And I have been encouraging you.

Lin: Yes, it's true that our inkling is one of the long ones. Not that I planned it that way, of course...

Boromir: What do you plan to do about it?

Lin: I don't believe, even with the current discussion, that inklings are unwelcome at ME. As so many have said, we are a family there and families share many different things with each other: jokes, stories, opinions, experiences. It's all part of it, and so is the disagreeing. Didn't you and Faramir ever have arguments?

Boromir: Yes, of course!

Lin: And did you make up afterwards?

Boromir: Yes, of course!

Lin: Would you rather have avoided the argument?

Boromir:, I suppose not. I always found that I understood Faramir better after we had had words. Sometimes the only way he could get me to listen was to fight with me!

Lin: Exactly! In our ME family, too, we sometimes disagree, but in talking about it, we come to a better understanding of one another. I'm always glad to know what people are thinking; if they don't tell me, then I don't know when I have to change! I am very comfortable with posting at ME, and I will continue to do so, but I will take into account all sides of the issue, because I am the last person in the world to want to upset anyone. Thanks for your concern, but I think you worry needlessly about getting me in trouble.

Boromir: Very well, then. I trust you are right. I simply wanted you to be aware of the situation.

Lin: Thank you, Boromir. Now, about that idea I was asking you about...

**Boromir puts his hand over his mouth again.**

Lin: Boromir, I cannot do this alone; if you keep your mouth covered, how will I know what your ideas are?

Boromir: (uncovering his mouth long enough to speak briefly) That is the idea.

Lin: Stop that! Why are you doing that, you still haven't told me!

Boromir: (sighing) I had an idea for another inkling, and it seems a bad time for sharing it. This is my way of keeping myself from talking too much.

Lin: (frowning) An idea, what idea?

Boromir: I cannot tell you. If I do, you will want to write it, and that might not be wise at this time.

Lin: What do you mean?

Boromir: One does not simply walk into ME after a heated discussion about inklings and begin posting a new tale! Its gates are guarded by more than just moderators; there are posters there that do not sleep, which is as it should be, but will they want to see more inklings after this? Though the place is riddled with discussions, musings, humor, and poetry; and the air you breathe is (usually) fresh and relaxing, a tonic to the lonely heart, I still think it best to be watchful when it comes to more inklings. Not even with a new Boromir inkling should you do this, it is folly!

**A strange expression comes over Linaewen's face at the words "Boromir inkling" and she grabs Boromir by the front of his tunic.**

Lin: Hah! Did you say a new Boromir inkling? Tell me your idea!

Boromir: No! It is not wise!

Lin: (pleading) I ask only for the idea to entertain my readers! Give it to me!

**Boromir crosses his arms firmly, which is difficult because Linaewen still has hold of his tunic.**

Boromir: No.

Lin: (shaking him in frustration) It could have been my should have been mine, give it to me!

**Boromir covers his mouth again.**

Lin: I see your mind! You will take your idea to another board and betray us all!

**Boromir removes his hand from his own mouth and places it over Linaewen's. He speaks calmly.**

Boromir: You are not yourself.

**Linaewen's face clears and she looks extremely sheepish.**

Lin: I...I'm sorry! A madness was upon me...I'm okay now.

**She looks about surreptitiously, to be sure no one is listening. Leaning closer to Boromir, she whispers in his ear.**

Lin: Please tell me your idea, I must know!

Boromir: Will it be to tell you? I don't want you to get in trouble...

Lin: Of course! I will tell no one... unless, of course, it is a really interesting idea that is worth sharing with my ME family, and fits all the criteria for posting at ME.

Boromir: Very well. It is rather interesting, I do believe.

**Boromir leans forward and whispers at length in Linaewen's ear. Her eyes widen and she is momentarily speechless.**

Lin: Quick! My notebook! I must write this down! And my books, get me my LOTR books...and the Atlas of Middle-earth, I have to check this out!

**Boromir shrugs and dutifully hands Linaewen the things she needs, then settles himself in a comfortable chair, his mouth uncovered, ready to share his ideas.**