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Son of Gondor

Another Conversation with Linaewen...

**Boromir enters the room and notices Linaewen on her knees busily packing a suitcase.**

Boromir: What is this? Are we going somewhere?

Lin: Well, no...and yes...maybe...I hope not!

Boromir: (looking irritated) You are getting to be as bad as the Elves, who say both no and yes; speak plainly!

Lin: This is what we call a contingency plan; during these times of unrest in this part of the world, it is good to be prepared for evacuation if necessary. Isn't that the motto of a good warrior? Always be prepared? Or am I thinking of the Boy Scouts?

Boromir: I know nothing of these boy scouts, but yes, it is good to be prepared. Is there unrest then?

Lin: Not here, not yet; but there is only one country between us and the impending war, albeit a big country, and there is a possibility of reaction taking place here. Being prepared means anticipating, so it has been suggested that we make preparations to leave, just in case. But we're hoping it won't be necessary to go.

**Boromir watches Linaewen for a moment as she places her "Son of Gondor" notebook in her carryon bag. Suddenly a worried expression crosses his face.**

Boromir: One moment! How might this affect my next chapter?

Lin: Well, if we end up going, you'll just have to stay put where you are for awhile.

**Boromir becomes extremely agitated, and starts pacing the floor.**

Boromir: What do you mean stay put for awhile? But you have not yet written me out of Lorien! What about my gift? And getting back on the road home?

Lin: (sighing heavily and shaking her head) I'm sorry, Boromir. Forgive me, but I don't really have time to discuss it right now.

Boromir: I do not care for that place, there is nothing to do! I can only sharpen my sword so many times. And there are so many trees there...and Elves...I grow weary of Elves. They are nice enough, but too much of anything, even Elves, is not necessarily a good thing! (He stops to think for a moment.) At least get me into a boat and out on the River. I could bear it if I were on the River.

Lin: Like I said, no time. It's your fault I'm so far behind with this packing -- always inspiring me to write just one more chapter! You'll just have to stay put for the time being. Now don't bother me, I must see this packing done.

**Linaewen suddenly pauses in her work and sits back on her heels.**

Lin: Hmm! This is all sounding very familiar! I'm having a feeling of deja vu here. Have we had this conversation before?

Boromir: Er, yes, I suppose we have...

Lin: Yes, I remember; it wasn't so long ago either. Stop worrying! It probably won't even happen; and if it does, are you sure you wouldn't rather remain in a nice quiet garden than be stuck in a boat for who knows how long?

**Boromir looks at her coldly.**

Lin: I guess not!

**Boromir looks disgruntled for a moment, then shrugs. He smiles suddenly, and his face takes on an almost cheerful expression.**

Boromir: There is one consolation.

Lin: And that is...?

Boromir: (gleefully) My death may now be postponed until May!