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Son of Gondor

Boromir wants a Treebeard tale...

**Linaewen is pacing the room, tearing at her hair. Boromir sits calmly, one hip up on the table, inspecting his nails.**

Lin: I can't believe you are doing this to me! First you complain that I'm not getting on fast enough with your story, then you come up with this wild idea that I should do a Treebeard inkling for Treebeard Day that has you in it!

Boromir: Come now! You know you like a good challenge. If you can manage to defend my honor by engaging in a limerick war for hours on end, surely you can manage a short tale about Treebeard.

Lin: Do you realize how complicated it would be? You said yourself in the book that you have never been there. How can I get past that?

Boromir: You are very clever, Linaewen. I know you will come up with a plan.

Lin: Well, thank you...I think!

**Linaewen stands looking at the ceiling, thinking furiously.**

Lin: I don't know...what about a limerick instead?

It's one thing to write of Ent Treebeard;
(It is not so hard as I once feared!)
But bring Boromir there,
And people will stare!
It really is just very weird.

Boromir: Now, can do better than that.

**Linaewen continues to pace. Suddenly she stops short, then quickly resumes her pacing, glancing at Boromir out of the corner of her eye to see if he has noticed.**

Boromir: So, you have thought of something.

Lin: (sighing) might work...but I don't know if I can manage it in time. Treebeard Day might be over before I can work it up.

Boromir: No matter. Do they not sometimes allow late submissions?

Lin: Yes, I suppose so...even if not, it might be interesting to try it anyway...

**She picks up a pen and paper and starts scribbling some notes. After a moment she goes to the bookcase and gets down The Atlas of Middle-earth and The Return of the King, to check maps and dates. Boromir watches with interest.**

Boromir: I want Faramir to be in the story as well.

Lin: (dismayed) Faramir! Just like that I'm supposed to slip in Faramir? I don't even know how I'm getting you in yet..not really. (dripping sarcasm) Why don't we really make it complicated and have a battle as well?

Boromir: That is a very good idea. (Lin groans) Make it a battle with orcs.

Lin: Orcs...of course. (heaving a great sigh) That is at least feasible....So, we have Boromir, Treebeard, Faramir and orcs, in a story...before problem!

Boromir: (smiling contentedly) I knew you could do it.

Lin: And if I don't have Chapter 44 ready for posting on Monday, what then?

Boromir: (waving his hand dismissively) Do not worry about Chapter 44. I will work on that while you write this up.

Lin: Right!

**Linaewen looks at her watch and tries to calculate what time it is on the US East coast.**

Lin: Hmmm...we're ten hours ahead here, so if I work on it the rest of the evening I might be able to get it posted at a halfway decent hour...and still have time to work on Chapter 44...assuming, of course, that the electricity is on, and the phone line is working, and that Mr. Linaewen doesn't want to eat supper tonight...

**Boromir gets up, goes over to Linaewen and whispers in her ear.**

Boromir: Leftovers.

Lin: (muttering while she scribbles) I guess we could have leftovers...