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Son of Gondor


**Boromir enters the room just as Linaewen is putting the finishing touches on a very large cake.**

Boromir: What is this? Is it a special occasion today?

Lin: Yes, as a matter of fact, today is a special day for me...and for you, too. I've made this cake to celebrate the first anniversary of the posting of your inkling. It was a year ago today on April 17 that I posted Chapter One. I never imagined I would still be writing this story after a whole year!

Boromir: Ah, yes! I remember now. But should we not have celebrated yesterday? The story began with a prologue, did it not? I believe you posted the prologue on April 16, and asked for opinions; people on the board encouraged you to continue with the tale.

Lin: Yes, that's true, but I thought it would be appropriate to wait until today, in honor of Chapter One, and because April 17 is also Sean Bean's birthday.

Boromir: (frowning slightly) Sean Bean? The name is vaguely familiar, but I cannot place it. Should I know him? Who is he and what does he have to do with me?

**Linaewen looks at Boromir with grave pity.**

Lin: We'll have to discuss THAT over at the Fellowship Board!

**Boromir shrugs and turns to admire the cake. He looks puzzled at the large number of candles.**

Boromir: I see you have fifty-three candles on the cake; is that the age of this Bean fellow?

Lin: No, no! The candles represent one candle for each chapter we have posted to date.

Boromir: Ah! Fifty-three, very good! I had not realized we had been doing so well. One loses track when one is inside the story, so to speak. And what are these two over-sized candles in the middle?

Lin: (smiling happily) I'm glad you noticed those. Those are special candles to honor two dear friends who have a special connection to our inkling. One candle is in honor of CedarRapidsBorn, or CRB as she now calls herself; she does a marvelous job of editing every chaper I write before I post it. The other is in honor of Ladyhawk Baggins, who collects every chapter, along with all our conversations and some of my poems, and posts them on her web site at Ladyhawkhollow. We really wouldn't be where we are today without them, so I wanted to acknowledge that in a special way.

Boromir: (nodding) It is indeed appropriate that they should be honored with a candle on my cake...I mean our cake!

**Boromir continues to inspect the cake closely, and when he thinks Linaewen isn't looking, he pulls off a glove and snags a fingerful of frosting. Linaewen slaps his hand away, but she is too late. Boromir savors the frosting on his finger while Linaewen crossly repairs the damage to the cake.**

Lin: No sampling ahead of time! (She steps back to look at the cake, and nods in satisfaction.) I convinced Galadriel to give me the recipe for lembas, and I altered it slightly in order to make this cake. One small bite will fill the stomach of a grown man; that way we can share the cake with all your readers. We owe it to them, since we wouldn't have gotten this far if they hadn't been willing to keep on reading our story!

Boromir: Well, I plan on having more than one small bite; after all, I have to keep my strength up.

Lin: (soothingly) Yes, of course you do. You may have the first and biggest piece. (She slaps his hand away again.) But not until I say so!

Boromir: (grumbling) As you wish, I care not! When will that be, may I ask?

Lin: Soon. First we must we pay a visit to the Fellowship Board, where you will learn all you ever wanted to know -- and more -- about Sean Bean.

Boromir: All right, lead on!

**Boromir starts to follow Linaewen out, then hesitates, with a look of concern on his face.**

Lin: What is it?

Boromir: (nervously) There won't be...singing when we cut the cake, will there? I am not fond of such spectacles. I do not mind making speeches, but!

Lin: I promise not to sing, if you promise not to cut the cake with your sword.

Boromir: Why not? It is sharp enough. (Lin gives him The Look.) Oh, all right. As you wish...Anything to prevent singing!

Lin: Come, they are waiting over at the Fellowship Board.