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Son of Gondor

Linaewen Balks at Boromir's End...

**Boromir is practicing the various sword parries and thrusts he'll be using to rescue the hobbits from imminent danger. Linaewen comes in, and at the sight of the swordplay, heaves a heavy sigh.**

Lin: Are you practicing for your death again? I wish you wouldn't do that, it's hard enough to face it as it is!

Boromir: Come now, Linaewen. You must face it, the story has gone on long enough, and it is time we got on with it. You cannot put it off forever.

Lin: I know, I know. But it's so hard to write those fight scenes, especially when they don't end well! I'm afraid no one will want to read it because they know how it's going to turn out for you.

Boromir: It will be read, do not fear. No matter that it is sad and difficult to bear. That is sometimes the way of things.

Lin: (plaintively) Why do you have to die in the end?

Boromir: It is in the book, is it not? (showing Lin a dog-eared copy of TTT) Right here....'"Boromir is dead," said Aragorn...' And the script of the film says...

Lin: (holding up her hand) Do not tell me, I know it by heart! My brother, my captain, my king, then you gasp your last.

Boromir: Exactly.

Lin: But the arrows...They are sharp!

Boromir: (sympathetically) Yes, I know, arrows are difficult. But I am ready.

**Linaewen sighs again. She seems lost in thought for a moment, then she looks at Boromir out of the corner of her eye.**

Lin: There are other ways, Boromir...other paths that we might take.

Boromir: What do you mean?

Lin: What if I change the ending, so you survive the attack? What if I turn it into an alternative inkling...?

Boromir: (sternly) This is not the time, Linaewen, you know that. Someday, perhaps, but now you must finish my story as it was meant to be finished. Remember? Fighting on in spite of being mortally wounded? Heroic death and weeping over the fallen warrior? The stuff of poetry?

Lin: (muttering) Yes, I remember.

**There is a clatter at the door and Merry and Pippin enter.**

Pippin: So, what's happening?

Merry: How's the sword practice going, Boromir? All ready for the big day?

Boromir: Linaewen is having second thoughts.

Pippin: Oh!

Merry: Come on, Lin, you can't just leave us unrescued. Those Orcs are about to get us; if Boromir doesn't come, we'll be forever trapped on the verge of getting caught.

Pippin: Remember, the closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm.

Merry: What's that got to do with it?

Pippin: Well, nothing, but it seemed like the right thing to say.

**Linaewen looks at them hesitantly.**

Lin: Well....

**Boromir watches for a moment, then leans over and whispers in Linaewen's ear.**

Boromir: You will write the next chapter today.

Lin: (muttering) I might as well write the next chapter today...

Boromir: And no more stretching the story out to make it last longer.

Lin: No point in stretching the story's gone on long enough...

**Boromir winks at Merry and Pippin, who grin back at him. Linaewen looks at them as if just realizing they are there.**

Lin: Ah, Merry, Pippin! You've come at a good time. I need you to work with Boromir on this. I'm having a little trouble picturing exactly how this next scene works. Perhaps you could act it out for me...