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Son of Gondor

Traveling Light

**Boromir is sitting at the computer, reading a discussion that is taking place on the Middle-earth Message Board, while Linaewen is busy packing a large cardboard box, in preparation for moving.**

Boromir: There is an interesting discussion going on at the Message Board; you would certainly be interested in this...

Lin: Oh? Move over, let me look. (She shoves Boromir aside to have a look at the screen.) Oooo, this IS interesting!

Boromir: Jump in and add your opinion; you know you want to.

Lin: (sighing) I would love to! I do miss not being in on discussions lately... Oh, and look! Here are a couple of new chapters of the different inklings I have been following...

**Linaewen starts to read, then stops suddenly and sighs again, as she turns sadly away from the computer.**

Lin: Unfortunately, I can't really respond to anything now. Once I get started, I'll not be able to stop, and then my work won't get done!

Boromir: (fingers hovering over the keyboard) I will just answer for you, shall I?

**Linaewen snatches the keyboard away and gives Boromir a withering look.**

Lin: Don't you dare! I never know what you are going to say next, so please leave me to express my own opinion when I have time to do so! What would really help me is if you would turn off that computer and stop distracting me. And maybe help with this packing.

**Boromir grins but does not get up to help. He turns back to the screen, and continues to read.**

Boromir: Ah, a new tangent to the discussion at hand! Listen to this...

Lin: (covering her ears with her hands) I'm not listening!

**Boromir shrugs and proceeds to shut down the computer. Linaewen, secretly disappointed that he actually obeyed and the computer is now off, kicks the box in a fit of pique, and then has to sit down and rub her toe.**

Lin: Drat! People must think I am ignoring them! I wish I didn't have so much to do to get ready to move. I've managed quite a bit already, but there is still so much yet to be packed. Look at all this junk here! Why did we keep this stuff? Where did it all come from anyway?

Boromir: (looking around the disheveled room and shaking his head) My advice? Leave all that can be spared behind. We should travel light.

Lin: That's easy for you to say, Mr. Have Sword Will Travel.

Boromir: Do not forget I also travel with the Horn of Gondor and my shield and my cloak and my chain mail. Not exactly light, I suppose, but you know what I mean.

Lin: Yes, I know. But it's impossible! I can't decide what to leave behind! As sure as I leave something, I will discover later that I need it, and then I won't have it.

**Boromir shrugs and goes to his Lazy Boy recliner.**

Lin: Wait a minute, aren't you going to help me?

Boromir: You know how you are when you pack. You start snapping at everyone and there is no peace. I am merely staying out of harm's way.

Lin: (grumbling) I do not snap at people when I am packing! Just for that, I'll pack your action figure in the bag next to Lurtz and Grishnakh.

Boromir: (unconcerned) As you wish, I care not! I will have Frodo and Sam in Orc armor beside me, so there will be nothing to fear from those two Orc minions. Lurtz is nothing without his bow and arrows, and he will not be able to draw his bow while packed up in a bag. I will have the advantage of him.

Lin: Oh, and you'll be able to draw your sword?

Boromir: My sword is forever drawn and ready. You know very well that it will not stay in the sheath; it always falls out. That is why I carry it in my hand at all times. Always be prepared, that is my motto.

Lin: Right.

**Linaewen goes back to her packing while Boromir watches. The box being finally full, Linawen attempts to lift it and is unable to budge it. Boromir leaps up and pushes her aside.**

Boromir: When Linaewen is at a loss, Boromir must serve, as we say in my country. The strongest of us must do the lifting. I will take the box, though I do not know the way.

Lin: (wiping her brow in relief) I will show you where to take your burden, Boromir.

**Boromir follows her out of the room, but he cannot see over the top of the box.**

Boromir: The moving van, Linaewen, is it left or right?