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Son of Gondor

Heads at a Loss

**Boromir has been lurking on the borders of ME, checking out reports of a storm of controversy over suspected changes and deletions to the upcoming ROTK film. He enters, pausing inside the door to hang up his cloak and shield, and to toss his gloves in the corner. He calls in to the other room where he can hear the scritch of Linaewen's pen on paper.**

Boromir: I have returned!

**There is the sound of crumpling paper and a sigh of relief from the other room.**

Lin: At last! I was getting worried! What's it like out there?

Boromir: (as he knocks mud and snow from his boots) The flurries have begun, and I sense a storm upon the wind; there are dire predictions of many changes and favorite ROTK moments lost. I fear the weather may be severe in some parts. Still, there is hope we will be able to endure the blast. It will be glorious, of that I am certain, even if I do not appear in the film! I suspect many things that seem to be lost have actually been put away for safekeeping; they will be brought out when the storm has passed and the weather turns warmer.

Linaewen: (her voice somewhat muffled) What is the mood out there?

**Boromir's boots are finally cleaned to his satisfaction, and he heads for the door to the office where Linaewen is writing.**

Boromir: People seem worried, yet excited. They are afraid, but they have vowed to face the unknown with courage and optimism. Since it is Monday, I am thinking a new inkling chapter today would be helpful, to take their minds off things to come....

**Boromir voice trails off as he enters the room and stops abruptly, faced with the sight of Linaewen buried up to her neck in crumpled wads of paper. She looks very forlorn.**

Boromir: Oh. (clearing his throat) I see. A new chapter might be difficult at this time.

Linaewen: (sighing heavily, causing a wad of paper to roll down the mound and across the floor to rest at Boromir's feet.) You can say that again!

**Boromir looks slightly confused, then shrugs.**

Boromir: Oh. (clearing his throat) I see. A new chapter might be difficult at this time.

Lin: No, no, no, that's not what I meant!

**She sighs again, causing more paper wads to go rolling.**

Boromir: (looking at the pile of paper in wonder) So, you are experiencing writer's block?

Lin: No, on the contrary! I have lots of great ideas, thanks to you, but I have no time to work them out properly, and the tale is suffering because of it. I am so busy with deadlines at work, and guests coming, and Christmas coming, and interruptions, that when I do have a minute to write something, it comes out all wrong!

Boromir: Hmmm, yes, I can see that.

**Linaewen tries to move, but the weight of the paper is so heavy, she is trapped under it, immobile.**

Lin: I could use a little help here.

Boromir: (grinning) When heads are at a loss bodies must serve, as we say in my country. The strongest of us must seek a way!

**Boromir fetches his shield and uses it as a shovel to free Linaewen from the drift of discarded story attempts.**

Lin: Whew, what a relief! I'm afraid there is only one thing to be done, Boromir, my friend.

Boromir: No! Not that!

Lin: Yes, I'm afraid so. We are going to have to take a vacation from posting inklings.

Boromir: (kicking at a piece of paper in a fit of pique) I suppose you are right. At least you haven't left me trapped in Moria or Lothlorien like you have in the past when you have taken your vacations. We will continue with the inkling after the storm has died down and the flood of posts about ROTK has lessened?

Lin: Yes, of course. That is, as long as you keep your ideas strictly to the story at hand, and don't start in on any other tangents that will distract me.

Boromir: I can make no such promise. That is the prerogative of a Muse, is it not? To come up with ideas, no matter how inopportune the moment? Speaking of which, I had a thought this morning...

Lin: Oh, dear! Here we go again!

**She dives for a scrap of paper and grabs a pen as Boromir starts expounding.**


Sorry, folks, but it's true, I will be taking a much needed break from posting my inkling, even though I am only on Chapter 3! Look out for us sometime in January! In the meantime, there are lots of former Boromir adventures to occupy your time -- if you have any, with ROTK about to come out -- at the link below, as well as at the LOTR Scrapbook. Thanks so much for your support of my Boromir habit!