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Son of Gondor

Heading South

**Boromir returns from lurking at ME where he has been watching the swift current of posts sweep by, as the citizens of The Boards continue to share their excitement in the aftermath of the Academy Awards. Linaewen is busy packing a suitcase; she looks up as Boromir enters the room.**

Lin: You look a little rumpled there, Boromir. Did you fall in?

Boromir: (adjusting his clothing carefully) It was a near thing, but I kept my footing. I attempted to wade out into the current several times to test the waters, and was almost overwhelmed by several waves of posts that involved much congratulating and exclamations of joy.

**Boromir begins handing things to Linaewen for packing in her bag; one of the items is Lin's inkling notebook, which she places carefully in her suitcase.**

Lin: It is good that things are so busy there, perhaps no one will notice we are missing for awhile.

Boromir: Indeed.

Lin: We'll only be gone two weeks, and I'm sure we'll have opportunity to lurk now and then, but I really don't know what our schedule will be like on this trip, and I doubt there will be time for any writing while we are traveling.

Boromir: No matter. The lords of Gondor will return when the time is right; in the meantime, we shall have our little vacation.

Lin: Well, it's not exactly a vacation, as we'll be traveling a lot, and doing some speaking at some meetings; but it is still a change of scenery and a chance to visit some good friends. I'm in need of a bit of a holiday, actually; I'm having a hard time keeping up with you! I'm beginning to feel all thin, sort of stretched, if you know what I mean: like butter that has been scraped over too much bread...

Boromir: Then a trip South to warmer climes is just what we need. I am a Man of the South, and I know of what I speak.

Lin: South it is then.

**Boromir picks up the bags that are packed and heads for the door to load them in the car. Linaewen follows him with another load.**

Boromir: I always like going South; somehow it feels like going downhill....