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Son of Gondor

Going to the Airport...

**Boromir strides up the sidewalk and turns in at the gate to Linaewen's house; she is just coming down the steps in a hurry, unaware of her surroundings as she digs in her purse for her car keys. There is a collision.**

Boromir: (helping Lin to her feet and brushing her off) Forgive me; I thought you saw me coming. Are you hurt?

Lin: Um, no -- no, I'm fine. You startled me a bit, is all.

**She looks around dazed.**

Lin: Where was I going?

Boromir: Out for a drive perhaps? You seemed to be searching in your pouch for a key...

Lin: Oh, yes! Now I remember!

**She looks at her watch and dashes for the car, jumping into the front seat and starting the engine. She looks up as Boromir sticks his head in at the car window.**

Boromir: You are not going anywhere without me, are you?

Lin: Well, no, of course not! You may certainly come -- but you must promise not to talk about any story ideas while I am driving. I've not quite mastered the art of writing while driving, especially on the Pennsylvania turnpike. You will have to save your good ideas until we get back home.

Boromir: I will do my best to keep my ideas to myself in the interest of safety. (He gets into the car and Lin drives off.) So, where are we going?

Lin: (with a heavy sigh) To the airport.

Boromir: Again? (He counts on his fingers) If I recall correctly, that would make this your fifth journey to the airport this week.

Lin: (ruefully) Yes, well, it can't be helped; so many are coming for the various conferences our office is sponsoring, and it was my day off, anyway, so that means I am free to go to the airport. (sighing again) This is my second trip today!

Boromir: Ah, yes! I heard about this morning's journey...

Lin: (looking extremely irritated) The plane was hours late and I missed my appointment and then I couldn't find the person I was supposed to meet, even though I knew exactly what she looked like, and then....

**Boromir clears his throat loudly and interrupts Linaewen's tirade.**

Boromir: No matter -- this venture will not go awry, for this time, you have me with you.

Lin: (looking sidelong at Boromir) And how will that help me?

Boromir: Well, I always carry the Horn of Gondor on my person...

Lin: Yes, so?

Boromir: It is a useful instrument, as you well know -- why, do you not recall how it answered our need when you had car trouble that day we were traveling to meet AuntKimby and Samwisegirl at the inn for our evening meal?

Lin: (shuddering at the memory of the car trouble incident) Well... I don't know... I think help would have arrived without you blowing the Horn, Boromir. I was, after all, blocking traffice quite thoroughly, so it was obvious I needed help.

Boromir: Nevertheless, I am certain help came all the sooner because of the blowing of the Horn. It is said, is it not, that if the Horn be blown at need anywhere within the bounds of Gondor, as the realm was of old, its voice will not pass unheeded? Granted, we were not exactly in Gondor at the time...

Lin: Not even close.

Boromir: Yet, did not Mr. Lin heed the call of the Horn and come quickly to your aid?

Lin: Yes, after I called him on AuntKimby's cell phone.

**Boromir is not to be discouraged.**

Boromir: I may not be able to effect the arrival of a plane that is late, but consider this: at the airport, instead of parking and paying all that gold for the privilege of leaving your vehicle for a few moments, why not drive by the outside waiting area while I blow the Horn to get the attention of the person you are meeting? They will be certain to notice, and then we can stop to pick them up and drive on.

Lin: Hmmmm.... (slowly smiling) You have a good idea there, Boromir. I do believe that will work! Thank you!

Boromir: You are most welcome. It is nice to be appreciated for one's musical talents for a change.

Lin: (sympathetically) Are you still upset that Elrond was critical of you blowing the Horn as you set out from Rivendell? There now, don't let it bother you...

**She pats his arm, then suddenly has to swerve to avoid a groundhog in the road.**

Boromir: Be on your guard! There are larger and furrier things than groundhogs in the deep forests by the turnpike. Two hands on the wheel, please.

Lin: Right! Sorry! Er... do you think you could have a look at the map for me, then? I'm wondering if I might have missed my exit.

**Boromir scrabbles around and produces a map; he peers at it carefully, turning it this way and that several times, trying to get his bearings.**

Boromir: I cannot quite make it out. Which way is the airport? Left or right?

**Linaewen sighs and shakes her head.**

Lin: Boromir, remind me again what you said about this venture not going awry...?