I was never the same again....

Pippin struggled for the words. He closed his eyes and began, his voice taking on a sing song, dreamlike quality, quite unlike his usual way of speaking.

In my dreams I keep finding myself in the woods. Even when awake, and I close my eyes and think back to all that happened, somehow it is the wooded hillside near Parth Galen that I see first. I still hear the terrifying shouts of orc voices, the pounding of many feet down through the trees on that hillside, the rattle of steel swords and armour. My heart still pauses when I see, so clearly in my mind, Frodo behind the tree hiding from those orcs and shaking his head at us slightly, so slightly. That little shake still brings a lump to my throat, and the memory of his eyes still burns in my soul. I can see them yet - full of sorrow and fear, and pleading for us to understand, and a knowledge too deep for me to comprehend. I wish I could say that I immediately knew I must save him, but the impulse to lead the orcs away from Frodo came second only to my instinct to stop him. In my heart I was screaming: no, no, you cannot do this, you cannot leave us! I believe I called out to him, but I have dreamed that moment so often that I can no longer separate what I felt, what I dream and what is real.

Pippin dashed his hand across his eyes. That moment was the making of me. I was never the same again.