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My Adventure

16-22 January 2006

16 January 2006 Iím starting a new journey, beginning today. Iíve decided to participate in Team In Training. They have a 111-mile race in November. They will train me, but not until starting later this year. With my health, I must start today. Tomorrow, Iíll see Dr. Rigden about the trouble Iím having on the right side. Then Iíll consider seeing Craig on a more regular basis to get me in shape for training. I want to do this race for Sandyís dad, who was diagnosed with leukemia this last week. The Race is now personal. I had to take 600 mg of ibuprofen at about 2:00pm to help ease some of the discomfort in my hip and down the back of my thigh. I biked only 8 miles, but did my old PT as well as the rubber band exercises today, in an effort to relieve some of the discomfort in my right shoulder and arm.

17 January 2006 I saw Dr. Rigden today. He has determined that I probably bruised my deltoid. I didnít know you could bruise yourself from the inside out. Amazing. As he poked and prodded, he checked the trigger point in my shoulder. I gasped and he asked how bad the pain was on a scale of 1-10. I told him a seven or eight. At the questioning look, I explained that I hadnít actually screamed out loud or wanted to throw up, so it wasnít a 9 or 10, which made it 7 or 8. He then informed me that he would be treating me like an athlete. My eyes must have gotten big as saucers because he assured me that I qualified. He said that the ASU athletes are given five days of Daypro. So he put me on the Daypro, I had my first dose after I ate when I got home. He also told me the bruising would probably take another 3-4 weeks to heal. So Iím trying to take it easy, as easy as I know how. LOL! I also told him I was thinking about the Century Ride in Tucson in November and heís all for it, and even wants to be one of my sponsors! Iím going to put together and email for my friends to let them know of my plans and be the support I need to stay on task. Dr. Rigden also suggested I go ahead and get a mammogram, just in case. I also made an appointment to see Craig in another week to help get me back on track. Iím looking forward to the adventure. :-)

18 January 2006 I do like the Daypro. Wow, Biked 8 miles, but feeling very cranky. I hate hurting. I did my physical therapy as well. Iím tired. I sent out my letter of intent today. What am I thinking?

19 January 2006 I discovered that I sent out my letter of intent exactly 10 months before the BIG EVENT. I also realized that I sent my email out to 14 people. Suddenly, I feel like Bilbo with his 13 Dwarves and Gandalf. LOL! I also did a bit more homework on the event when I couldnít find it on the TNT site. I found it at El Tour de Tucson. I had no idea they had so many events. The one Iím interested in is scheduled for 18 November, Saturday. Biked 20 miles and feeling quite positive. I decided to be thankful for every little thing, including things like being late. It made handling Beauty much easier since she can be unpredictable. Iíve had a very good response to my email, with most of the people offering support. Iím not surprised by the ones Iíve not heard back from, though a part of me wonders if they got the email, since I know some emails are good at spam blocking, even though this isnít spam. Why does everything happen at once? I decided to do this century ride and tomorrow I start with a new doctor. Iím praying I am wise enough to properly care for myself so I donít get overtired.

20 January 2006 I started working for Delight today, so thatís all Iím thinking about. I did make a cake from scratch, for the first time that has turned out, in celebration. Go me! LOL!

21 January 2006 I took it pretty easy today as I spent so much time working. I had a delightful lunch with my sister. Sheís the only member of the family who knows all thatís happening.

22 January 2006 The Sabbath, glorious day of rest and reflection. At Halynaís suggestion, Iíve decided to post my journal at my website, so those who want to follow along on the adventure may. I can use the folder for something else once my website is set up through TNT. I can still hardly believe Iíve decided to take this on. Not to mention having more work now. Iím not complaining as the work is exactly what I was looking for. It definitely makes me step back and focus on the moment. What a blessing that Iíve learned to better organize my time, and learned to make some healthier choices in how I spend my time. Godís awareness of me is.... humbling. How grateful I am for His love and compassion and blessings, exactly the ones I need, when I need them, even when I donít understand. Beauty and I went for our usual morning walk and now that Iím home Iíve decided to listen to my FOTR complete movie score. It is, after all, what started all this. Itís difficult to believe itís now been four years since I started on my new adventure.