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My Adventure

23-29 January 2006

23 January 2006 To answer some questions. I donít own an iPod. I donít listen to music when Iím biking as Iím too busy listening for traffic. However, Iím not in the least bit bored as I do a lot of story planning. Biked 8 miles today, along with physical therapy and walking Beauty, the usual easy routine, so to speak. Iíve officially made it to Mount Doom with Frodo and Sam, as well as been rescued by the Eagles, with the …owyn Challenge, and now Iím on my way from Isengard to Minas Tirith with Gandalf and Pippin. I miss the Daypro. It isnít serious pain medication so much as a serious anti-inflammatory, but it does make a difference for me. Actually, with my reaction, or lack of reaction to pain killers, this is the best answer for me. Dr. R told me heíd check me again in a few weeks to see how Iím doing. I was very surprised this morning to hear what sounded like an explosive, like on some of the TV programs, with that grinding and clicking. Imagine my surprise when I found the source to be a hummingbird. LOL! With family dinner yesterday, my weight is up, what with my compulsive stress eating. Iím being very careful today, i.e., paying attention to whether or not Iím hungry and eating healthily. It was a relief to have Jenafer, my niece whoís a massage therapist, tell me she knew someone whoíd done the exact same thing I had and how painful it was. She was wonderfully sympathetic. LOL! Itís always nice to know Iím not being a wimp. Speaking of being a wimp, my lower back really benefited from the Daypro. I had to take ibuprofen for the pain this afternoon. Craig will not be happy if I undid all the work we accomplished, then again, I wonít be happy either. I just tried some heat on my back, instead of ice, and feel much better. So, whatever I did, itís different from the disk injury, which always felt better with ice. The body is an amazing thing.

24 January 2006 I forgot my mantra: Pain is good. It tells me that Iím moving incorrectly and to stop and reassess. As I lay down to sleep last night, on my left side as always, I stretched out my right leg and heard and felt a pop in my back. At first, I was afraid Iíd done something awful and then the pain subsided and I slept quite well. I hope Craig can help me straighten out this mess with a minimum of difficulty. Sandy sent a lovely picture of her dad today. I cried. When I get discouraged I look at that and take a deep breath and square my shoulders. I can do this.

25 January 2006 Craig was out with laryngitis. However, Mark was there and was willing to help me if I was willing. They asked if I wanted to come back, but I said, ďNo, I need help with the pain now.Ē Mark was an intern when I was there last spring. It was a relief to learn that it is not my disk but simply the back muscles. He gave me some gentle stretching exercises, the same ones I was using in the spring. I call them my intermediate exercises. LOL! After working with Mark, I was able to stand for the first time in days without pain. Iím doing them every time I get up and move around: my regular break from working. What a relief.

26 January 2006 Question first: The 111-mile bike ride is done all in one day. I still think Iím out of my mind, but Iím getting to be okay with that. Iím amazed at the difference my physical therapy has made. That and Iím settling quickly into my new job. My boss is very happy with my work, and Iíve only done it twice. Itís such a relief to know a bit of extra money will be coming in, without a lot of extra work, at least once Iím settled it wonít be a lot. And my weight is back to pre-weekend stress weight. YAY! Biked 20 miles today and actually did pretty well. I was able to do it a bit more quickly; even with stops to pick up work, it only took me about 2 hours. A guy passed me when I was less than 3 miles from home. I caught up to him at the light. We greeted each other and he commented that the gloves seemed like a really good idea and he was thinking about it. I agreed, especially when one starts at 7am (it was almost 9am by this time). It was cold this morning! Cold is being able to see your breath. :-) And he was cute, not unlike the delightful Mr. Wood he was. LOL! Iím doing extra of my physical therapy and grateful for it. It really has helped. Iíve also remembered a bit of comfrey tea yesterday and today.

27 January 2006 Iím feeling considerably better. My back is loosening up nicely and though it is still a little sore, itís ever so much better. Biked only 8 miles today and doing my stretching. It always amazes me that a slight change in the way one moves their body can make such a big difference in how one feels. Made a chocolate cake today, just because. Also feeling very tired.

28 January 2006 My sister and I spent the morning and had a grand time. We dropped off my work; the rest of the family still doesnít know about it. Itís a bit of a relief not to have people questioning me. ĎAre you going to be able live on this? Is your boss going to give you more?í Mostly questions that I simply have no answers to, but Iím asked them repeatedly anyway. We dropped off some stuff for charity. I stayed in the car and heard this loud crash. I knew something glass had broken. Ruth got in the car snickering. She chastised herself for laughing, and I couldnít help but point out that it really was quite funny. Here she had gone to all the trouble to be so careful about getting the glass object delivered safely when she could have simply done the same thing at home and at least had the fun of breaking it herself. We both laughed so hard we cried. We also went in search of a Shrek. She wants an Ogre. We searched Wal-Mart, her store of choice, and Target, my store of choice. LOL! No luck, though I did find a lovely Italian place setting of four that I decided to use as my reward for meeting my next weight goal. Iím down another pound, so only one more pound to go to reach the next benchmark. I found what she wanted at Amazon and ordered it for her. My first store of choice! LOL! We came home and had some of my cake in milk. The day got pretty stressful after that. Walked MissB and did my stretches. What a wonderful blessing those are!

29 January 2006 After yesterday, Iím not surprised my weight is up this morning, but also quite confident I can get it back down easily enough. Who is this person?! I always struggled so. Iím eating completely differently. I still like my junk food, but Iím more selective and better about portioning, except when I stress eat, but Iím even learning to not let it go on for days, one maybe two, but never longer than that. Today, Iím simply trying to get my eating back to being more relaxed. Started the day with salmon and wild rice and sugar snap peas.; needed to check that the oven worked properly. There was a bit of smoke yesterday along with it being pulled from the wall and unplugged. Iím taking it very, very quiet today. I want to read more of ďManís Search for Meaningí by Viktor Frankl and a bit of Brother Cadfael and ĎThe Leper of Saint Giles.í My friends are such a blessing to me.