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My Adventure

20-26 February 2006

20 February 2006 Didnít have to pick up work today but did my bike ride anyway. Then did my physical therapy. I tried a different bike route today, and it was nice not dealing with all the traffic. Iíll be able to use it other days. I need to start biking on Saturdays again, so I can do some exploring of the roadways and find some better routes. MissB is doing well.

21 February 2006 Once I arrived at DrRs office, it occurred to me that it was simply a 10 mile bike ride and then another 10 mile bike ride home. Ten miles isnít that far. The bike race in November is simply eleven 10-mile bike rides back to back. I do eleven 10-mile bike rides now in 10 days, with 2 days off, Saturday and Sunday. Now I just need to compress that, slowly but surely. This has possibilities. Sandyís dad is still with us, and already past the first estimate. I am ever amazed at the strength of the spirit to endure, no matter the odds.

22 February 2006 Learning new bike routes that are safer, quieter, and less congested, which of course makes it easier to breath. I upped my physical therapy a little today, adding back in one round of the overhead exercises with the weights. What a pleasure this morning to wake up on my back and not in pain! Kevin is teaching me a lot about how I sabotage myself with my need for perfection. I know FlyLady has been trying to teach me about this as well, and I get many of the things she is trying to point out, but Kevin is able to pinpoint things I think without even realizing. Iím enjoying the changes. Life is much more pleasant. :-) MissB is eating better than she has in years. What this signifies, I do not know, but itís good to see her doing so well for her age. I have been richly blessed.

23 February 2006 Iím feeling tired and stressed but cannot help but wonder how much is PMS related. Itís so annoying sometimes. I really like the new bike route. Iím still doing well with the physical therapy, so Iíll tweak it up a little this Saturday. Then again, I canít help but think that the real attitude struggle is with my new work. Iím very grateful for the incredibly good doctors Iíve been blessed with the last few years. They both speak remarkably clear and do what they can to make my job easier. I havenít had the time to write much of anything, which I find especially frustrating when thatís what Iíd really like to be doing.

24 February 2006 I love the new route. Itís so much less stressful. Iím also trying an experiment eating hobbit style. First breakfast is at about 630am and is a protein bar. Second breakfast is a snack, at this point itís a 6 oz cup of my favourite chips (Munchies) at 9am. Then Elevensies is Carnation Instant Breakfast. Lunch is the main meal of the day, about 1pm, and varies. The one Iím having trouble incorporating is tea, but I know it would be really helpful especially if I use my PMS tea or red raspberry, about 3pm. Then there is dinner at 5pm, which is usually a sandwich. And finally supper at about 7pm, which is yogurt. Iíll work at incorporating more fruits and veggies as I get more comfortable with the routine. Iím not particularly fond of either food group. LOL! The things we teach ourselves to do. :-) Iíve been thinking about what I can do this year as compared to last year. One year ago, this month, I started physical therapy. I can remember not being able to bend over. I couldnít lift my leg up onto anything higher than a stair without help, i.e., I had to use my hands to lift my foot up onto a chair, then using my hands to get it down without it falling. One year ago, I had my first follow up with my pain specialist after two weeks of physical therapy. A week and a half before, my cloak arrived from New Zealand, my reward to myself for going through the MRI, epidural injection, and starting physical therapy. A lot has happened this year.

25 February 2006 I upped my physical therapy and added a five-mile bike ride. Weíll see if it makes a difference.

26 February 2006 Iím finding I really like the hobbit habit, even after only two days. It keeps me from binging. MissB is Paddyís Flea today. Donít know whatís up with that but better go check on her. It might simply be my own discomfort with cramps. Sheís a good kid. I need to take some time to center quietly today. Life has been so chaotic lately. I have come to the realization that this ride in November is tied into many things in my life. A part of me feels that if I can make this ride than I can make it out on my own. And the two things are somehow intertwined, almost as if one leads to the other. I donít know. The brain is a jumble, as it is this time every month. LOL! A few more days and Iíll feel more coherent. :-)