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My Adventure

6-12 March 2006

6 March 2006 One of the women at the boards posted this quote: ďThe person you can be absolutely sure you will definitely be spending the rest of your life with is YOURSELF, so make sure you put the appropriate investment into THAT relationship!Ē I find myself wishing I had learned that lesson long ago. It would have made my life a lot easier. However, better late than never. So now I am getting know myself and changing the things I donít like. Many are things that I simply believed were a part of who I was. Now, I know better. Never did I imagine what changes would come when I decided to become someone I wasnít. I know I used to say that I was becoming someone Iím not. It is only because I never gave myself the opportunity. Itís a grey day, but I rather like it. I took my courage in both hands and tossed into the dust bin some old treasured things. They were well loved, but now only collecting dust. I know they werenít Ďrealí in the sense of living, but I thanked them for all the comfort they brought me. It has me feeling a little melancholy and yet a little lighter as well.

7 March 2006 Biked 21 miles today, then physical therapy and walking MissB. Iím tired. LOL! Iíve stopped trying to use the fastest route to DrR s office and am now taking the safest route I can find. Iíll be adding probably another mile on Thursday in an effort to make it even safer. Biking close to the freeway just isnít very safe at all. The drivers are too busy thinking about getting on the freeway to notice me. I almost got creamed by a cement mixer. So this week, I do the new route on Tuesday and Thursday and then next week Iíll have a week with no additions in mileage but will up the physical therapy a tad. Then the week following, Iíll up the mileage on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, probably from 10 to 12 miles. Iíve been checking the TNT site every week, and this week the race in November has finally be posted. I emailed the addy listed for more information today.

8 March 2006 What a day this is! I made it to Minas Tirith with Gandalf and Pippin on Shadowfax and I signed up for more information with Team In Training on their web site, if it worked. Now, I must wait for the info to come.

9 March 2006 Got an email from TNT and though they arenít yet registering for the Tucson race, Meagan was very helpful and encouraging. A mile from home, a college guy blew by me like I was standing still. He couldnít have been more than a freshman or sophomore. He wore no helmet, or as I am fond of calling them a ĎĎbrain bucket.í You only need one if you have a brain. He also had a very nice looking racing-type bike. This thought process followed: Wow! I am so slow. What is wrong with me? I am such a wimp... Then I found myself blinking and laughing to myself. I am on the last mile of a 22-mile bike ride! I am NOT a wimp.

10 March 2006 I upped my mileage today to 12 miles. Iím going to have to stop trying to be so regimented. I know it doesnít work for me, and yet I try to do it anyway. I do much better when I simply listen to myself and when the workout seems a bit easy, then tweak it just a little. One day next week, Iíll tweak my upper body physical therapy. I finally took an allergy pill today, my first this season. I just forget to take pills. Iím hoping it will help with the headache Iíve had for a while, not to mention the snuffly nose. :-) Itís now a couple hours later, and I can breathe! I have got to remember to use the allergy pills a little more often. LOL!

11 March 2006 Best laid plans... I had planned to bike five miles this morning and walk MissB and physical therapy, but itís been raining since 3am. So, I decided to give myself a rain day, since Iíve never had a snow day. I watched the extras and HP4. The rain is desperately needed, and Iím grateful for it.

12 March 2006 It felt good to be able to go for an outside walk with MissB this morning. Yesterday, I tried to convince her to simply follow me around the house for 15 minutes, however, after about five minutes, she caught on that we were walking in circles and decided it was enough. LOL! The sun is bright today, and the skies are blue, and everything is clean and fresh. It is still a bit wet but drying nicely. Iíve got a little bit of a cough, but I think nothing serious. Iím planning ways to add miles to my bike rides, a mile at a time. I look forward to getting back to the routine tomorrow. I am glad Iíve got an extra day of rest, as my right side is a little tender and so is my back. Nothing serious, I think. I do need to be more aware of how I move. I get careless sometimes and reach for things on the floor with the right instead of the left. Though itís windy and quite nippy today, itís a blessing to know summer isnít here quite yet.