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My Adventure

13-19 March 2006

13 March 2006 Today, Shelob stung Frodo, and he survived. Iíve endured a few things, and I have endured, though there are times when I feel like Iím in Mordor and wonder when I get to finally throw the Ring in and go home, but Iím feeling hopeful in this moment. It helps to be settling back into routines that were completely unsettled with the new doctor. I did something to my right knee, so Iíll have to keep and eye on that and not let it get any worse. Iím finding a number of ways to add miles on safer routes. Itís almost 9pm and time to go to sleep. I do better with an earlier turn in time.

14 March 2006 Knee is much better today. A very good thing. MissB and I actually walked a half mile four times today, thatís two miles! She is amazing. Biked the 22 mile route and did fine with it. I enjoy how much less stressful it is, and thereís a section through a very ritzy neighborhood. Tree-lined streets and horseback riding paths! Iím going to have to get up earlier so MissB and I can walk before I go to pick up work as well as afterwards.

15 March 2006 I am simply tired beyond words. MissB and I have been going around with keeping her cooler. She wakes up periodically simply because she is too warm, and I wake up because I hear her panting. Tonight, I leave the fan on all night and hope she sleeps better so I can sleep better. Itís this crazy March weather where is burrrrrr cold one day and toasty warm the next. Iíve had both the A/C on and the heater!

16 March 2006 It has occurred to me that every Tuesday and Thursday I actually do a marathon, a 22-mile bike ride, 2-mile walk with MissB, and physical therapy that adds up to about 2 miles, not including the walking around the house, up and down stairs and taking MissB in an out and the like. Who IS this woman?

17 March 2006 I attended my first SCA meeting last night and enjoyed it, but Iím absolutely exhausted today. Iím definitely not as young as I used to be. I upped my biking another mile today

18 March 2006 I discovered that this week, between biking, physical therapy and walking, I made it 111 miles, the actual length of the Tour de Tucson and today that race is now only 8 months away.. I think I may actually be able to do this. All I have to do is scrunch six days of workout into one. Easy Smeasy! LOL!

19 March 2006 Itís raining this morning, and wonderful to see more moisture. How we desperately need it. Hopefully, it will be dry enough tomorrow for me to go for my bike ride. If not, then I need the rest. Iím a little tired and sore this morning, but itís been a stressful week. Iím feeling calmer and more centered. I was reading Viktor Franklís book this morning, and finding some answers for dealing with my fears. I think Iíll spend the day curled up reflecting, writing, praying, scripture reading, and paying attention to MissB. I always feel such a... release when it rains.