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My Adventure

27 March - 2 April 2006

27 March 2006 No bike ride today, as the sky seems uncertain as to whether or not it wishes to rain. Every time I think about going for even a short bike ride, it starts to sprinkle. I can only guess that I need another day of rest from riding, so Iíll take it. I did do physical therapy and walking with MissB..

28 March 2006 No bike ride again today... well, actually, I did get in a mile. It started sprinkling a half mile into the ride, so I turned around and headed home. I can handle the rain all right, but the bike is not so hardy. MissB and I are trying to get our walking in early as itís supposed to RAIN later today. Iím still doing physical therapy also, and that helps keep me limber. The weather is actually really great. I suspect Iíll not be riding my bike tomorrow either, so Iíll have a good long break from riding and should be ready to get back at it on Thursday. LOL!

29 March 2006 I got to go for a bike ride today. It felt good to get back at it. And my blackberry bushes are starting to bloom! MissB is also happy to have the routine back in order. White blossoms everywhere!

30 March 2006 Made the 22-miler today. Iím so very tired. I was thinking today that I didnít really have to do the century ride. Maybe it was too much for me. Maybe I needed to cut back on my biking. Then I remembered that I had to pick up work every day. I have to do the biking and the century race is something to give all the work meaning besides just a paycheck. The weather is warming up, and I dread the coming of summer, but come it must, so Iíll endeavor to persevere.

31 March 2006 I was terribly tired yesterday. I fell into bed about 9pm and slept until 6am. I only biked 10 miles this morning, instead of 13. Iím feeling a bit better today. Iíve been emailing my oldest brother, the high school track star, asking him about eating before exercising. He admitted he never did because he didnít like the food sitting in his stomach when he ran. I feel the same way, but I asked him about that starving feeling when one is only 5 miles from home on a 22-mile bike ride. Still waiting for an answer on that one. MissB continues to amaze me. Sheíll be 17 next week! Iíve finally started my Control Journal, in which I keep my routines written down and what I eat when. Itís helping me be more aware of my daily habits. Iím still tired, so plan to get to bed early, again.

1 April 2006 Biked seven miles this morning, just around this area, no farther than a mile from home. Funny, I hadnít realized how pretty some of the houses around here were. Flowers are blooming everywhere. It was beautiful. My sister and I went to the Art Festival downtown, for several hours this afternoon. I enjoyed her company and she made it more fun by telling me that she likes to attend like sheís going to a museum. Neither of us took any money, and we just appreciated the beautiful things and laughed at the clever things. Since she is majoring in photography, we stopped at every photography booth we could find. But there was also some beautiful jewelry, not that I wear it, and some pottery that caught my eye, as well as some paintings both inspiring and hilarious. Iím a bit tired from the outing but very glad I went with her.

2 April 2006 The weather is turning warmer. I try not to think about it in relation to my biking. Iím feeling calmer today, and more settled. About what and why, I do not know. Iím trying to make sure I write something every day, even if only a sentence or two, though it usually turns into several paragraphs. I always feel more at peace if I manage to add a bit to the story. Family dinner is today, always an adventure. LOL!