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My Adventure

3-9 April 2006

3 April 2006 My brother replied. I had to laugh when he agreed that those long bike rides are a whole other story. He suggested I have a couple of slices of toast before starting. Iíll give it a try tomorrow. After only five hours sleep, I decided to only bike 10 miles today.

4 April 2006 MissB was up every two hours last night. Ack! Wish I knew what it was about so I could arrange for it NOT to happen again, but there you are. Our room actually was a little warm last night, though I canít understand why since the A/C is on for us. It may be the increased humidity from the front moving in. I did make it the whole 22 miles today without too much difficulty. I had a croissant for firsties this morning, and it did very well. I didnít feel like there was a lump in my stomach, and I didnít get hungry five miles from home. YAY! Itís wonderful to be able to have my French breakfast again. When I lived in Paris (a grand total of three weeks, and very memorable :-) ) I had a croissant and chocolate milk for breakfast every morning. Iím not doing the chocolate milk first thing, and Iím only doing the croissant on my long bike days, but it was nice to find something that I like and sits well with me.

5 April 2006 Decided not to bike today, as the doctor is out of town until next week, so I went for a two-mile walk instead. Itís windy, and people get weird when itís windy. I remember when I was a crossing guard and though rainy days were miserable, windy day drivers were simply crazy. I didnít want to deal with that this morning. Now it is raining. YAY! We need it. I still have my other doctorís work to do. I hope the rain clears out by tomorrow morning so I can cycle. I really need it. I feel like Iíve been out of sorts for a long time and need to take some time to settle and regroup or something along that line.

6 April 2006 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSB!! 17!! WOW!! I adopted her 20 May 1989. She is so amazing. Bless her. I biked 22 miles today. It felt good to get back into the routine of it. And it only took me 2-1/2 hours instead of 3! On my ride, I saw a duck in the middle of the road and herded it to the sidewalk where it had a better chance of survival, then left it in Godís hands. Iím endeavoring to learn to better turn my life over to God. It isnít easy, but I think Iím doing a bit better at it. The day is gorgeous: blue skies, not too warm, and flower everywhere! :-) It helps that I slept a lot better last night. Last evening, I also came to the realization that while I was doing the extra work, I got very out of touch with MissB. I have usually been so aware of what she needs, so it seemed I could read her mind, when in truth I was simply well practiced at reading her behavior. Be that as it may, I got sadly out of practice. Itís time to get back at it, and itís remarkable how much calmer I feel in such a frame of mind. My sis-in-law took me to lunch for my birthday (yes, itís four months later, but itís the first time we could arrange it). We had fun chatting and enjoying Sweet Tomatoes. In truth, we were both heartily glad weíd waited because Sweet Tomatoes celebrated the pineapple this month and they had a salad that was simply to die for! LOL! So the timing was perfect! We also took books to Bookmans to sell. I was hoping I might be able to find the Brother Cadfaelís I was missing, as well as Elizabeth Mansfield, but no luck. Yay Amazon! :-) Life is good.

7 April 2006 Itís a good thing I have very few vacations. It is so difficult for me to actually get myself out on a bike ride without the incentive of needing to pick up work! Though perhaps it was a good thing today. I only biked four miles today. As I was waiting at a stoplight, I found myself coughing and knew if I wasnít careful it could get serious. Iím managing to keep my allergies in check, for the most part. I woke last night unable to breathe and coughing. Still did my physical therapy and walking with MissB. It was a pleasure to get a goodly amount of writing done today.

8 April 2006 I slept well last night and yet Iím feeling decidedly unsettled today. I enjoyed a nine-mile bike ride this morning. I suspect it is simply the fuzziness brought on by my seasonal allergies. Blessedly, my writing is still coming along. MissB had a bad time of it, this afternoon, with an itchy ear that she did not want me to care for. It was amazing to see her so spunky and defiant. LOL! I did finally get her ears cleaned and a bit of Burtís Bees Res-Q ointment in them, and she seems to be much better. She also got a Benadryl, which helps.

9 April 2006 Palm Sunday. Today is a new day and a chance to start new. I attended church for a short time this morning and how glad I am I did; the song before the Sacrament was my favourite hymn, ĎI Stand All Amazed.í Balm to the soul. Itís a beautiful spring day. MissB is a marvel, bless her.