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My Adventure

1-7 May 2006

1 May 2006 Iíve made it to Minas Tirith with Aragorn and the Black Fleet. Iíll add tomorrowís exercise to this leg of the journey to cover battle on the field and visiting the Houses of Healing. Then, itís from Edoras to Minas Tirith with Master Merry. Life can change so suddenly and unexpectedly. It seems God has sent a new client my direction, a lawyer going into business for himself, regarding land. He needs someone to type his letters and memos and notes. It will be a change from what Iím doing and a little more relaxed, as he only wants a 48-hour turn around, unlike my doctors who want a 24-hour turn around, though come to think of it, Dr.R is more flexible. Bless him; he doesnít expect me to bike 23 miles every day! One of these days, maybe. LOL!

2 May 2006 Iím finding the 23-mile days quite doable and even able to get my work done in a timely manner. Iíve blessedly had more work of late, especially since both doctors are going on vacation this month, at different times, of course. LOL! Iíve gotten in the habit of leaving the TV off during the week, and am finding I rather like it. Itís easier to get to bed on time, i.e., at a healthy hour for me! Since 29 November 2004, when I first started the …owyn Challenge, I have (between walking, biking, and physical therapy) traveled 4,046 miles.

3 May 2006 Itís good to be slipping back into my old routine and finishing my work in a more timely manner. My biking is getting easier. Iíll need to up my physical therapy again this week.

4 May 2006 Iím amazed by how Ďeasyí the 23-mile days are becoming, though I must admit the increased heat of the day is making it a different kind of difficult. MissB is having more and more trouble. It breaks my heart and yet at the same time I am so very grateful for all the time I have been blessed to have her.

5 May 2006 Today, I pedaled the last half of my ride in a higher gear, and did pretty well. I got home ten minutes quicker. Cool. I can do this.

6 May 2006 Mowed the lawn this morning. I had a back spasm early on but kept at it. I hate starting something and not finishing. I also figured that if I stopped my back would tighten even more. It also gave me an opportunity to examine what I was doing. I came to realize I kept leading with my left foot. Iím right-handed, but have become so accustomed to guarding my right side that I donít even realize what Iím doing. I carefully practiced leading with my right and found it helped ease the discomfort. I also came to realize that if something makes me feel good, then I think it must be bad, and if it makes me feel bad, then it must be good. So now I have to unlearn that bit of idiocy. Itís important I do because I realize it affects every aspect of my life. I must admit that like doing something different that just bike ride. MissB walked the yard. She simply amazes me. Iím admittedly distracted, or more precisely preoccupied. My sister and I went to get our hair trimmed. While we were out, we also picked up treats for MissB, her favourite peanut butter cookies from Claudiaís Canine Cuisine and more Alpo Filet Mignon flavored Chop House Originals. Itís such a pleasure to see her enjoying these little things. While at PetsMart, they had cats up for adoption, and I couldnít help myself. I looked and looked and looked some more. I could live with a cat. And I repeat: Who is this woman? LOL! I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the second time, and again was struck by some wonderful concepts that were brought out. This one was particularly poignant as I struggle with making changes in my life: Professor Dumbledor: ď...It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.Ē

7 May 2006 Feeling out of sorts today. I got dehydrated yesterday, even though I used more of the Pedialyte than I ever have before. This summer is going to be a real struggle to stay hydrated. I finally got it under control early this morning, though I have that odd fragile feeling I get when it happens. I woke with a terrible nightmare, but Iím uncertain has to how seriously I take those. I know in my dream Iím hysterical and yet thinking clearly and I wake up trying to work through my mind why I would dream such a thing. And I did more damage to my back than I thought so took some ibuprofen at 5am, after I ate a roll and had some more Pedialyte and some water. I chased off the last of the unpleasant feeling with some Gatorade after taking MissB for a short walk. So far, Iím feeling a bit better. I did a little physical therapy this morning to help relax my back. When Iím doing well I get careless. For the next two weeks, Iíll be able to concentrate on listening better to my body since DrS is out of town. Iíll also be starting with my new client, but I think it will be pretty easy. My sister and I talked about how her barometer for her stress level is her sleeping patterns, where as mine seems to be my eating patterns. Iím stressed. I wish I could simply turn all my worries over to God, and I try to, however, Iím not entirely successful, but Iím working on it.