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My Adventure

8-14 May 2006

8 May 2006 I mixed up two-quarts of Gatorade to keep in the fridge and then drink as needed. I also gathered up more books to sell at Bookmanís. There is something about getting rid of the clutter I own that helps me feel lighter. MissB has rallied once more and is doing well today. She is a wonder. Did my nine-mile bike ride, this time with a bit of weight as I had to pick up paper from Dr.S, though Iíll not need it for two weeks. But I also donít have to remind myself to pick it up. Iím feeling none the worse for wear after this weekend. The house is quiet and peaceful. Oh my! MissB chased a cat from the yard, this evening! She didnít actually run, but did a rocking-horse type move, and followed at a much slower pace behind the kitty. I was very proud of her. She Ďprancedí all the way into the house. LOL!

9 May 2006 I drank some of the Gatorade this morning before I left. Then, at Dr.Rís office, I got the bandana I wear under my helmet wet before biking home. The thing was almost dry by the time I got home. Amazing. I think this will work though. I also drank more Gatorade as soon as I got home, even before doing my physical therapy. Iíll put weight loss on the backburner until I make it through the summer. I might as well, since Iím doing my habitual stuffing with the stress over MissB. I do love having her one more day and one more day and one more day, but Iím not blind to her struggles. She is still able to get up all by herself and that chase the kitty thing yesterday was a sight to behold. I donít mind the idea of having a cat, but MissB would not like it at all, not even a little bit. LOL!

10 May 2006 Didnít have any work to pick up today, but did the bike ride anyway. It felt good. Unfortunately, my cycle is down to 18 days, even with using progesterone cream. The worst part: No brain! Iíll have it back in a few days. MissB continues to hang in there. Today was a good day.

11 May 2006 MissB was a little sick on her bed this morning, which meant having to do a load of her laundry, which really put me behind my biking schedule. Then it occurred to me that in my present condition, it would probably be best if I didnít do the ride today. So I picked blackberries instead, starting the collection for jam. One of the berries was as big as my thumb! By the time I was done with that and my physical therapy, I had a slight headache. It was about 45 minutes, and if Iíd been on my bike ride, I wouldnít even have made it to Dr.Rís office yet. I think MissB was watching out for me.

12 May 2006 Got a 10-mile bike ride in. Picked blackberries. Physical therapy. Walked MissB. All in all, a pleasant day. Iíve been catching up on my reading and enjoying it thoroughly. Even managed to get some writing done as well

13 May 2006 Not feeling up to par today. I didnít mow the lawn today. Too tired, and a bit of a headache. Iím also quite frustrated. My cycle is ridiculously short and unusually heavy, well, heavy for what Iíve been dealing with more recently. Iím almost convinced my body hates me. LOL! I gathered up a lot of books for getting rid of today. I also moved the rice I had stored in plastic baggies, which get really nasty, sticky, icky, into glass jars that have been sitting empty. I must admit, they look very nice filled with rice. I also cleared out a box, getting rid of articles I had collected over the years, and comic strips that amused me at one time, and various other odds and ends. Iíve not lost any weight for a few months now, but Iím feeling considerably lighter. ;-) My sister took me to the store this evening to pick up Sure Gel and jars for making jam.

14 May 2006 MissB fell twice yesterday. Bless her heart; her feet just donít always stay under her. There are times when I get the distinct feeling from her that she is very, very tired, but when I ask if sheís ready for Home, the answer is always a definite No! So I remind her she may stay as long as she wishes. Then she looks at me with those bright eyes, and Iím grateful for her company for a little longer. I got very brutal today, and gathered up all the books Iíve collected for Ďmy childrenís library.í They all went in the bag to be given away. I have to let go of that dream; itís holding me back from moving forward. Iíve kept a few of my favorites, like The Wind in the Willows and Secret Garden. Theyíre both books I didnít discover until eleven years ago, when I finally finished my AAS. One of the classes I took to finish up was a childrenís literature class. It was my favorite class that semester, though the interpersonal communications class was also quite beneficial. The teacher wanted me to take his speech class. I wasnít particularly interested, because speaking in front of a group is not something I relish doing. Besides, I only needed 64 credits to graduate and I already had 93. LOL!