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My Adventure

12-18 June 2006

12 June 2006 Took a very relaxing day today. A warm bath with bath salts and a scented candle. Reading and a bit of writing. My roses are simply beautiful and blooming. I used my electric skillet for the first time, and wow! Itís great! I was able to cook MissBís beef, my chicken, and some asparagus all at the same time, and so easy to clean! I also used the apple and cranberry orzo for the first time today, and it is delicious. I enjoy eating healthfully, especially when it tastes good, too. LOL!

13 June 2006 I had more work to do today than I can remember in a very long time, as in years. It felt good to get it done before 6pm, and that was with a bit of dawdling, reading HP6. LOL! My water jug sprang a leak on the bottom, so I found one of my fancy pitchers and a crystal wine goblet and carried on. I think Iíll keep using my crystal; it needs to be used anyway or it will get brittle. Iím settling into my exercise schedule, walking MissB, biking nine miles and then physical therapy. Iíll be increasing the weights on my physical therapy soon, as Iím finding the current routine getting to be quite Ďeasy.í MissB woke me every two hours last night, but I seem none the worse for wear.

14 June 2006 Already half way through another week. Where does the time go? We had a heat advisory today. I have a feeling Iím still dehydrated. I donít think Iím drinking enough water during the actual exercise process. This is when it hits me how new all of this is to me, and I have soooo much to learn.

15 June 2006 Breathe in; breathe out. Breathe in; breathe out. The meeting for my race is finally scheduled, for July either the 25th or the 29th, though I think the 29th might be the easier to get to, since Tuesdays are so busy, but the 25th would be easier in terms of location. I can hardly believe it. Iím scared and excited.

16 June 2006 What a day this has been! Did my workout routines, then froze muffins for breakfast, did work in record time, at least until I got hungry for lunch, then cut up meat purchased yesterday and froze for MissBís meals, ate a delicious lunch of honey garlic chicken and orzo and asparagus, and froze the croissants, and finished work. Iím tired, and yet it feels good to have gotten so much done. I also cleaned up my storage room a bit, unpacking dishes I bought months ago but hadnít opened yet. Theyíre beautiful. Iím a little frustrated with my eating. I am able to eat healthily not more than two days in a row, and then I slide back into old habits. But Iíll keep trying. Interesting thing happened: Yesterday I was talking to a friend about how animals are narcissists just like small children because they must be to survive. I told her that if MissB werenít she would know I need more sleep and would not wake me up in the middle of the night. Last night, she slept through the night and didnít wake until five minutes before my alarm would go off. Bless her.

17 June 2006 I over did yesterday and woke feeling a bit off this morning. I did some lawn mowing, more careful about drinking water. I love my water container. Finally, I get to use my crystal every day! My sister stopped to chat this morning, and I walked her out afterwards. MissB was standing at the open door looking out. The next thing I know Iím glancing at her to check on her and I see her look at the step below her and I knew she was thinking that she couldnít make a single step down as there wasnít enough room. Then I watched in horror as she launched herself out jumping both steps, then landing where her hind legs gave out. I was terrified she had broken something. As I rushed up to her, she was sitting and looking at me with a familiar gaze of ĎMom, Iíve fallen and I canít get up.í I lifted her hind quarters and got her feet under her. She moved a bit carefully but was able to move. Thinking back it reminded me a bit of Buzz Lightyear. I could almost hear her ďTo infinity and beyond!Ē I scolded her to never scare me like that again. I put liniment on her legs and hips and hope that sheíll be none the worse for wear. As the day has gone on Iím feeling much better. I suspect having my contacts back in helped.

18 June 2006 I woke with a headache again. Iíve got that fragile feeling, but itís a little different. I feel almost as though I am wrapped in a soft cocoon, a warning something is coming. I endeavor to rest my trust in God. El Tour de Tucson is now five months away. At this moment, Iíd say that there is no possibly way I can do this, but then itís 112 degrees outside, and the thought of just walking outside with MissB is daunting. I think part of my feeling unwell is not eating well. And yet, Iím in a bit of a quandary. I am in the position of needing to learn to eat correctly with no history of having done so. I know all the experts suggest eating whole grains, but being allergic to bran puts me in a pickle. So Iím struggling to learn to eat better by trial and error, and lots of error, making it a trial. I just ate lunch and am feeling a bit better. It seems that one way or another my body is going to teach me to eat healthily for its benefit I wish I could have someone come in and cook for me for a few months, until I get the hang of doing it for myself. As it is, I guess Iíll be doing a self-taught method. Not a great method but the only one at my disposal at this point. I think Iím finally getting enough water, which is a huge step in the right direction. How did I survive growing up? Godís Grace, surely. People look at MissB and state that she is still thriving because of my good care, but it isnít true. I made sure she lived a long healthy life, but now, it is by Godís Grace alone that she continues and so Iím continuing to endeavor to be grateful for the precious Gift with which He has blessed me. If God can keep a dog alive, long past her expected lifetime, then I think perhaps He can teach me to eat healthily and a myriad of other things if I will turn myself over to His capable Hands. What an adventure we are embarking on. I wonder where He will take me? I think I need to get rid of a lot more clutter to lighten the load. It will make traveling a lot easier.