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My Adventure

31 July - 6 August 2006

31 July 2006 How amazing. My folks have gone for the week, so itís just me and MissB. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe a little easier. Iíve done much better with my eating today, and MissB has managed to keep food down as well. I baked a cake today, in honour of Harry Potterís birthday. I may have to pop in an HP DVD.

1 August 2006 Didnít get around to seeing HP, but the cake was yummy, and it was fun to share it with my sister after she helped me with picking up work.

2 August 2006 Iím finding the 10-mile rides getting to be ďeasy.Ē Iíll do another week of it before I up it to 11 miles.

3 August 2006 Iím thinking that if I want to participate in TNT next year, Iím going to need to find a partner, someone to attend meetings with, unless Iím driving by then. I donít anticipate improving that much since I havenít thus far.

4 August 2006 Itís a bit odd. Today, I mailed in my jury summons. I will not be able to participate simply because I realized I could not possibly sit that long without ending up in serious pain. I called DrR to arrange for the required note. It was a bit unsettling to see in black and white that I was ďmedically disabled.Ē Iím still having trouble wrapping my mind around it. Iíve discovered that I desperately need my bike rides. They help me maintain my sanity. My moods have been swinging back and forth alarmingly this week, and yet, I know why. With the folks gone, I can let my guard down and relax and express my feelings freely. Unfortunately, it means extremes first. May God help me and MissB.

5 August 2006 MissB woke me at 4am this morning and would not settle back down. I got frustrated at first, then decided that if I was going to be up, I might as well accept it and get on with the day. Itís amazing what one can get done before 8am: washed my bedding, and my clothes, baked and iced a cake (just because I could), physical therapy, mowed the center front lawn and part of the back, walked MissB, showered, vacuumed, and did a bit of dusting with my new duster from FlyLady (thanks to my sister). Of course, by 1pm, I couldnít keep my eyes open any longer! LOL! Iím feeling more settled and less frenetic. Iíve got the house pretty much in order for the folksí return, i.e., my things are put away but for the centerpiece on the kitchen table and replacing the blue vinyl table covering.

6 August 2006 My younger brother made an interesting observation. I was telling him that I pray for MissB to go HOME. He looked at me and said, ďWell, maybe she feels she still needs to protect you.Ē Oh.