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My Adventure

2-8 October 2006

2 October 2006 105 miles. With the folks gone, Iím catching up on major decluttering. Itís amazing how much stuff I kept just because. With the new idea of only keeping it if I really love it, wow, lots of stuff goes. Itís wonderful to be here alone. What a relief.

3 October 2006 127 miles. Why are breathers always so short lived? My pc tells me Iíve a problem but it canít fix it, and yet I seem to be able to keep working without a problem. I have burned a disk with my webpage folder and my documents. Losing my puter again scares me beyond words. Once in a life time is enough, isnít it? At least all things are in Godís hands. Woohoo! Ruth dropped off my ďraceĒ number (never had one of those before) and my Race for a Cure t-shirt and my ASU team t-shirt. Weíre both excited.

4 October 2006 140 miles. Iím finding myself growing increasingly excited about the Walk this weekend. Iím really going to do it. When Ruth was in Tucson this last Saturday, she ran across Team In Training! That would have been me! And I definitely would not have been up to it. Iím glad I made a different choice, but still challenging myself.

5 October 2006 162 miles. If I had to choose between a home and a dog, I would choose a dog, and I realize that is the choice I made with MissB long ago; Iíd do it again. There is a part of me that says I need to make more money so I can move out on my own, and yet, Iím starting to make mistakes in my work. I canít afford to do that. So the truth of the matter is that I canít pick up more work and still maintain my integrity. Iíve got my hands full just staying on top of what Iíve got. What does this mean? It means I need to come to terms with where I am, but I think I can do that now.

6 October 2006 No added miles today, as it rained this morning! I walked to my sisterís so she could get ready for work and still have time to take me to pick up my work. The lightening was spectacular.

7 October 2006 Ruth and I took an easy walk this morning, only 2 miles, and then callenetics. Paul, my older brother, used to run long distance and always talked about an easy workout the day before a race. Iím really excited about doing this, though I realize that for me the 3K will be the easy part compared to having to mingle with 42,000 people.

8 October 2006 WOW! What an incredibly experience! Iím tired, and very glad I did it. We werenít even half way through the race and Ruth grinned at me and told me we were doing it again next year. In truth, the race was easy; no up and down hills like at Kiwanaís where we walk; however, we didnít take into account all the extra walking around. I was too excited to just wait for Ruth to come and pick me up, so I walked to her house. Then we walked around all the booths, partly looking for were donations were turned in, and found a special brunch for Survivors. They had special gifts just for survivors, inside the area where the Suns play basketball. It was really cool. We wandered around looking for where ASU would have their team picture. It was quite hilarious actually because once we had our numbers pinned on we suddenly realized we had no map to guide us! The map was printed on the back of the number, so a couple of times Ruth unpinned one corner and checked the map on the back of my number, which I was wearing on my back. It was a gorgeous morning! Wonderfully cool, at least at first. It was quite warm by the time we crossed the finish line. The sky was a gorgeous Arizona blue. Itís now afternoon and threatening to rain. We could use it. I mentally cocooned myself a bit but survived just fine. Iím looking forward to doing it again next year.