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My Adventure

6-19 November 2006

6 November 2006 454 miles. Went to drop off work and on the way home and a very flat tire. Iím so glad it was a 9-mile day instead of a 22-mile day. I only had to walk my bike two miles. While the tire was taken care of, I decided I might as well get my six-month check-up a month early. It isnít as if I donít put in the miles. Now itís done and I donít have to think about it for six more months. I also picked up a good floor bicycle pump. Iíve been meaning to do that for a while.

7 November 2006 How I miss my mind at this time of the month.

8 November 2006 463 miles. I have just discovered that I somehow got behind in my math on my Eowyn Challenge. I had to catch up to myself. I really hate when my brain gets this scattered.

9 November 2006 486 miles. Iím caught up on my work, finally, at least for the moment, so now there is time to get back to writing.

10 November 2006 496 miles. An interesting and unexpected day. I found out my dad had talked to my sister about me. Roy relayed the conversation to me. Dad asked Ruth what he and mom could do to help me. Theyíve been concerned. Ruth replied, ďLet her have a dog.Ē My dad shook his head and told her anything but that. They couldnít go through that again. To which my sister told him, ďThen donít ask.Ē The idiotic part is that theyíre both in their late 70s, and more than likely theyíll both be dead before my next dog leaves this earthly existence. Besides, I have absolutely no intention of being here much longer. At least, thatís the plan anyway. Roy has been talking about finding a job in another city. He interviewed in Dallas yesterday. He told me about it and it sounds like he isnít interested. I admitted that I worried, for myself, that I would be left here alone. Roy then suggested that if they move, I live with them until I can make it on my own. I almost cried. Iím not trapped here. Iím not trapped. Itís amazing how that thought seems to have lifted a huge weight from my shoulders, and opened the floodgates to my writing.

11 November 2006 I finally added the material I wrote last Sunday to the actual story, and I added a lot more. I also added more to Lily and Frodoís story. It feels so good to be writing again. Walked with my sister this morning and then after breakfast we did our shopping. Fryís has some lovely Christmas goblets that Iíve been thinking about for a while now, and I picked up two; one to use and one in case the first one breaks. LOL! I havenít quite decided what to do with my day tomorrow. Iíll decide when I get there, though Iím thinking I definitely want to do some writing. Iím so pleased with what I added.

12 November 2006 I had thought about running away from home, but found myself caught up in editing and writing, which is really what I wanted to do, so Iím not disappointed with the day. Talking about my fear of moving out with Margaret, she suggested I find a place to live and move slowly, little by little, until I feel safe in the new place. I think I could do that. Now, I have to work up to being able to afford a place. I think Iíll combine the next two weeks, rather than post this shorty. LOL!

13 November 2006 506 miles. Hey! Iíve passed the half way mark! Woohoo!!

14 November 2006 Woke with an unbearably sore shoulder today, so no biking and only very light physical therapy, but put in a fair bit of walking. Roy helped me with picking up work, today, bless him.

15 November 2006 517 miles. What a day. It isnít even past morning and adventures abound! Tapes got confused at work, so I rushed through work to figure it out early enough in the day to do something about it. Since I had to pick up another tape, I enjoyed going through the drive-thru at Wendyís for lunch. Now the rest of the day is for writing.

16 November 2006 540 miles. Life is many things but boring isnít one of them. I had a dog day today. Saw a gorgeous black standard poodle loose, but he was definitely home, as he chased me on my back only on the sidewalk and only from one end of the property to the other. I prayed someone would be able to alert the owners. I warned a guy out running that I see most mornings.; I knew his route would take him past the dog. Then I saw two little dogs running away from home, with their mom following in a van. Another walker was able to snag one of the two, but the littler one decided to give me chase. I slowed down so I would have better control and could see where the little critter might go. I slowed down enough that it ran in front of me to get to the other side, then it turned back and jumped right in front of me. Glad I got the bike tuned up last week, because I grabbed hard on the brakes and stopped quickly without too much damage, though I came of the bike a little awkwardly. I leaned over and the little dog danced around my hand, then it sprinted back the way it came. People were yelling at me to hold it, but I couldnít imagine how with a bike to hold onto. The owner came around in her van, and I was a little afraid the dog would run in front of it, then I watched as the owner got out and called to the dog, who ignored her. I couldnít help myself. I bent down, and demanded, ďCome!Ē The dog bee-lined for me and stopped happily at my hand. I slipped two fingers through its collar, and kept it beside me until the owner was able to come and get it. It was a cute, fuzzy thing. Glad I could help. There were several couples out walking their dogs. On the way home, I could hear a dog barking away, and it sounded really close. I found it across the street. I donít know what was in the back yard, considering there was a 6íplus wall around the yard, but there was this mound, like there was a special outside fireplace or something, no matter; on top of it was a Border Collie playing king of the mountain and barking at all the cars going by and happy as could be. I laughed.

17 November 2006 550 miles. My writing is taking over my life. I like it! Saw Happy Feet with Ruth and Roy, as well as the teaser for Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. Ooooooo HF was fun!! And HP looks chilling!

18 November 2006 When walking at the park this morning, Ruth and I stopped to watch an agility competition for a while. Wow!

19 November 2006 Family dinner today. I think I did all right.