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My Adventure

4-24 December 2006

4 December 2006 658 miles. Itís been a bit of an off-type of day. I didnít sleep well, what a surprise. It also wasnít a home-alone day, neither was yesterday, as my father has been home with a cough.

5 December 2006 681 miles. Brain is gone; it should be back in a few days.

6 December 2006 690 miles. Iím feeling more than a little foolish. Iíve been wondering why my right shoulder area has been so sore. I worried that Iíd bruised it again or maybe something worse. Then I was reading last night just before bed and felt the ache intensify. Oh, dear. I hold the book in my right hand. I get tired. Iím switching the book to my left, and I should be fine, except for this cursed blush for being such a ninny. Made it to Bag End.

7 December 2006 714 miles. I get to see Kevin tonight.

8 December 2006 723 miles. What an eye opener our session was. Iíve often wondered why I become so flustered and uncomfortable in so many situations Iím forced to deal with, and what a shock to realize that Iím uncomfortable because I donít feel like I can be myself. I feel the need to present an image that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with what is expected of me. When I feel comfortable being myself, I have no trouble setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

9 December 2006 Iíve still got work to do that I didnít get done yesterday, too distracted. Not much better today, but could be worse. Iíve managed to get quite a bit done today, including discovering itís much less expensive to ship via the post office than UPS. When did that happen? No matter, Iíll make a trip to the post office sometime next week. At least the boxes are packed and ready to go. My parents gave me my Christmas money. Iíll be donating some of it in honor of Sandyís dad, who is still fighting leukemia! God bless him. It has suddenly occurred to me that my parents will require a reckoning of how I spent my gift, and I canít tell them. My mother, at least, would be livid, and my father will be none too impressed either. Fortunately, I do enough shopping at Amazon to be able to work around it. LOL! Iím really too good at this. A sweet peace has stolen over me; I know not how or why, but I am truly grateful.

10 December 2006 Itís a Winnie-the-Pooh type of day, very blustery, and definitely not the kind to be out and about, so no running away from home today. Sara and Luckís story needs some tightening up before I continue, so itís all right.

11 December 2006 732 miles. Life is never boring.

12 December 2006 755 miles. Iím struggling to concentrate and finding myself increasingly distracted.

13 December 2006 764 miles. Still not doing well with concentrating. Not eating well either. Sleep would be good.

14 December 2006 788 miles. I had four tapes to do today. Iím tired. I did have a bit of fun with my sister for her birthday. We stopped at the Woodsource, a specialty store for woodwork, to show off my sisterís homework from her class. I canít remember the last time I assessed a man for his suitability as a dating partner. One of the guys was married, but the other wore no ring, and I know that means nothing, but it gave me pause. He was nice looking and intelligent and... nice... just nice....

15 December 2006 797 miles. I got a Christmas card from someone, but have not opened it yet. I'm thinking I may just toss it. A card also came from another woman I knew in school but haven't felt any particular inclination to remain in touch with over the years. I tried at first, but I no longer see the point of spending time in that direction when I would rather spend it elsewhere... hmmm... when I choose to say 'no' to one thing, I am saying 'yes' to something else... I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the concept.

18 December 2006 806 miles. Yes, Iíve not written here for two days. My thoughts have been elsewhere. I watched my homework assignment ďShadowlands.Ē It was excellent. I cried and yet felt uplifted. Kevin wanted me to observe Joy. Then he wondered how I felt about her. Iím going to be thinking on that one.

20 December 2006 It is freezing, literally, in the morning, so Iíve not been out cycling, but Iím still doing my physical therapy. I saw ĎPride and Prejudiceí for the first time and loved it!

21 December 2006 Happy Birthday to me. What a lovely day, though I miss my dear MissB terribly. My dearest friends remembered my birthday in the best ways. Never before have I felt like this way was truly a celebration. Cards, gifts, calls, dropping by, and my sister taking me out to dinner. I am so richly blessed.

22 December 2006 814 miles. As much as I donít particularly enjoy cycling, it felt good to go out today. My cough seems to be gone, so I decided to wait an hour for it to warm up into the low 40s before picking up work. It ever amazes me how cycling is able to open my back and relieve the tension in my ankle from the scar tissue tightening there. Itís rained! I donít know why this thrills me so, but it does. Weíve needed rain. When I started out this morning I asked God to please hold the rain for an hour, until I got home so Iíd stay dry, and He did. It smells wonderful!

23 December 2006 Woke to an amazingly misty morning. One could barely see down the street more than two houses. We donít get mist like that very often. Wow. My folks took my sister and her husband and I out for breakfast. The food was delicious. I indulged in a couple of eggs and blueberry covered pancakes at IHOP. Mom and Dad gave us little gifts of a glass angel for Ruth and a glass butterfly for me. Simply beautiful. I finally took matters into my own hands. I got tired of waiting. so did it myself. My parents have been complaining about how cold the house is (mind you, theyíve closed the vent to their bedroom so they donít get any of the warm air in there.... I truly live in an asylum. Anyway, Iíve closed my vent to keep my room from getting so warm. There is a piece of plastic in the kitchen vent for the summer, so I get the cold air when my parents are complaining about the house being too cold from the A/C. I removed the plastic and voila the rest of the house is now toasty. Iíve been thinking about this for a long time and wondering why my dad didnít do it himself. My parents are thrilled. My brain hurts. On a pleasant note, Ruth and I went shopping for hours! It was fun. We both found things we were looking for, Pride and Prejudice on DVD for me and The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. I was able to get some writing done, including posting another chapter of Sacrament. I still have work to do, but I think Iíll save that for Monday.

24 December 2006 I woke at 7:30am, coughing and snuggled into my warm bed for a little bit long, at least that was the plan. I woke about 11:30am, still coughing and with a headache. Itís starting to develop into a migraine. Iím making a bit of tea in the hopes of easing the discomfort. My mother saved me a piece of Danish pastry, with a note telling me that she didnít have quick oats so she substituted oat bran. Bran. At least she warned me, so I wrote back, thanks anyway. The headache is easing, but Iím still feeling a bit under the weather. For Christmas Eve, I decided to watch Pride and Prejudice. I do enjoy it. My friend, Flo, dropped by and we talked for several hours. What a lovely way to spend the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.