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My Adventure

22 January - 11 February 2007

22 January 2007 Was it this cold and wet last year? Or the year before? Drove today, and remembered to do my physical therapy and a bit of extra up and down the stairs.

23 January 2007 Woke up to copious amounts of frost on the ground this morning and a bit of a continuing stuffy head and sore throat, though not particularly serious, probably just the molds brought out by the damp. At Sunday dinner, Dad took a look outside and came declaring that it was raining cats and dogs. I promptly told him to go and bring one of them in so I could adopt it. Oh, for a camera in the right place at the right time.

24 January 2007 1000 miles. Oh my goodness, I made it! Tomorrow, it starts all over. LOL!

25 January 2007 23 miles. And so I begin again. Iíve also made it back from the Grey Havens with Sam, so itís time to start round 2. And I am once again on my way from Hobbiton to Rivendell. Since I started this whole thing back in November 2004, via walking, biking, and physical therapy, Iíve traveled 7051 miles. Whoída thunk it I could do such a thing?

26 January 2007 32 miles. It helps to know all this biking will come to some good.

27 January 2007 Blessedly, a home alone day. I started working on a costume I can wear now. The skirt is cut out, and Ruth has volunteered to help me make a pattern vest, to make sure it fits before I make the actual vest.

28 January 2007 Iím remembering things I donít want to remember. I woke with dreams about me. This has happened only one other time that I can remember. The last one was the night after I saw MissB in the pet store, just a puppy. I dreamed I was in the kitchen, in this house. I wore a long, dark blue velvet gown. (I still donít own the gown, but Iím thinking about rectifying that oversight.) She was lying under the table, and I knew she was quite old. My niece, who had not yet been born, was trying to pet her and I cautioned that she needed to be gentle because Black Beauty was old. That was when I named her. I talked to my parents the next day about getting a dog. They agreed reluctantly, and with a number of stipulations to which I agreed to every one and held to until they changed some of them, like requiring she be an outside dog. Never been sorry that one changed, but they did it not me. I fulfilled the agreement, and never been sorry. But even then, I knew Iíd still be living in this house. Now, Iíve had another dream about living in this house only now I have two kittens, a chicken (only one, so thereís no need to worry about pecking order), and another dog. I feel comfort knowing there are more pets waiting for me, but also unsettled knowing it is in this house. Some part of me prays that part of the dream is wrong, and at the same time knowing it is not. God help me.

29 January 2007 41 miles. Life (God) has a way of taking me by surprise, and the question is always: Am I willing to go along for the ride? It seems that most of time I am. Thereís a Tolkien reading day in March, in LA. Iím making plans to attend. Iím also working on a costume for the Ren Faire/SCA war/Tolkien reading day. My weight is up, so though there is a book Iíd really like to get, Iím not allowed until I get my weight back down, ergo my eating has improved. Iím in a zone, exactly what I donít know, but Iíve noticed it before, and I find it best, all round, to simply go with it. It wonít last. So, deep breath in, deep breath out, and hang on.

30 January 2007 Zones over. Itís rained all day. No real exercise. Day four of a headache that ibuprofen barely touches, at least it isnít a stabbing pain anymore, anyway. Kevin called to move my appointment back a week; maybe Iíll email him.

31 January 2007 Another day of rain.

3 February 2007 50 miles, on Friday. It was still wet on Thursday, but on Friday I was able to get back into my routine. What a relief. Walked with my sister this morning. Iíve been feeling scattered the last few days; canít even begin to explain it... though perhaps it is due in part to Kevin calling and asking to reschedule for a week later. A part of me wanted to scream NO, and another part resigned herself to the inevitable. Iím really tired.

4 February 2007 Been thinking, a lot. I actually slept about 10 hours last night. Felt good. Needed it.

5 February 2007 61 miles. Itís gorgeous out there. Iíve made it to bed by 11pm two nights in a row. Itís a relief to be sleeping better.

6 February 2007 84 miles. Iíve managed to cut my biking time from 3 hours to 2 hours and 40 minutes.

7 February 2007 95 miles. One of my books being shipped has had quite the adventure. It was mailed from Rosenburg, Oregon to Portland Oregon, to Spokane, Washington, then Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and finally Phoenix and Tempe. Iíve never seen such a round-about trip for one of my shipments. Iím catching up a bit, in the sleep department. Iím able to go to sleep earlier. I miss... Reading one of the Carrie Weaver stories that came today, I suddenly realized why I find the whole dog issue so sad. The hero is a photographer and he talks about taking pictures of people and their pets, and how it says something about them, about what they are like in general. And it dawned on me that it means nothing to my parents, nothing at all. Some part of me wanted them to see ME, and now there is no doubt at all that they never saw me at all.

8 February 2007 118 miles. Eyes were checked today. The optometrist asked if Iíd like a prescription for glasses, and I declined. ďBut what about when you get an eye infection.Ē ďIíve never had an eye infection.Ē ďNever?!Ē ďNever.Ē :-) Go me. LOL! He was also amazed that my prescription hadnít changed in quite some time, especially being over 40. He asked if I used reading glasses, and had to double check my age, certain I should be using them by now. Heís slightly adjusted my prescription so I one eye does more of the farsighted and the other does more of the nearsighted.

9 February 2007 127 miles. Having my contacts different was annoying at first, but Iím starting to get used to it, and like it. It has made reading a little bit easier. Finished putting together my Ren Faire costume today. YAY!

10 February 2007 Attended the Renaissance Faire with Edd and Sharon and enjoyed a delightful time. Sharon works with a sheltie and collie rescue group, so when Iím able to get a dog again, Iíll get one through her. I need to get out on my own soon, because Iím tired of not having a dog in my life. I ended up a bit toasted today, being outside all those hours, but I hardly feel it. I thoroughly enjoyed the bagpipes, the Falconry, the archery, and the carillon bells. WOW! The crepes were delicious, as usual. I indulge in a veggie crepe, with mozzarella cheese, spinach and extra mushrooms, and a raspberry and chocolate crepe, every year. Both Edd and Sharon are great company, very low key and companionable. I enjoy being with them. Afterward, we stopped at Eddís and drooled over his LOTR collection. LOL! It was an incredibly pleasant day.

11 February 2007 Blessedly, today is a quiet day. I really need it. So many thoughts are tumbling through my mind. I want... I want... I want... to escape, to know who I am, to know my place, a dog, a place of my own to call home. Oh, my goodness, it rained! And I didnít even know it!