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My Adventure

March 2007

6 March 2007 314 miles. Life took an unexpected turn, and clearly Iím now endeavoring to catch up with myself.

7 March 2007 322 miles. Went with my sister for her five-year check. From the sounds of it, sheís doing well. YAY! We went to a late breakfast at Mimiís Cafť and then a little shopping at the mall. Iím so glad my schedule is flexible enough to do this. What a blessing.

8 March 2007 345 miles. My ability to run the avoidance pattern is in fine form.

9 March 2007 354 miles. In one weekís time Iíve managed to put over 5000 words to my story. If I want to see this book published anytime soon, I better get writing. I am enjoying it immensely.

15 March 2007 395 miles. On March 13th I made it to Rivendell and started on my way to Lothlůrien. The taxes are filed, but of course Iím still waiting for the acceptance email before I can finish. I hate having it hanging over my head, and feeling a little like being subject to Madam Guillotine. After church on Sunday, there was a potluck dinner, and I was rather proud of myself. I went through the line thinking ďeat healthyĒ and I made some pretty good choices. I still took a little bit of the green bean casserole, but then added more green beans, then asparagus, fruit and a bit of ham and a piece of my pistachio bread. It was very tasty and I didnít feel guilty in the least. It was good to see Dave again. He makes me laugh, and I feel safe with him. I really enjoy Shariís company. I also managed to get some writing done. The book is coming along at a fair pace. My Aunt Delsa passed away Sunday morning, a blessing indeed. The folks are at the funeral, and Iím here alone, quite happily so.

16 March 2007 404 miles. Iíve been thinking a lot about MissB lately, and how much I miss her. I found the following two quotes in my TIAS email today: ďOutside of a dog, a book is manís best friend. Inside of a dog, itís too dark to read. ~ Groucho Marx ďDogs are not our whole lives, but they do make our lives whole.Ē ~ Roger Carras I really do miss her.

19 March 2007 413 miles. Iím finding myself captured by the book Iím working on. Itís coming together in my mind and on paper, so to speak. Actually, Iím writing on paper to, but it all ends up in the computer sooner or later. I hope others enjoy it as much as Iím enjoying writing it.

20 March 2007 435 miles. Delved back into the porcupine book and got quite an eye opener. Heís talking about other forms of quills, and the first thing he listed was sarcasm. Iím very good at sarcasm; itís a habit I need to change, no matter how difficult in my surroundings. Dr. Lund states that sarcasm comes from the Greek sarkazein ďmeaning literally to strip the flesh.Ē As I read his list of quills and their examples, I see my life laid out before me, and it is... ugly. I think Iím better able to be patient with myself in overcoming my negative thoughts. I have a lot of retraining to do. And then I read this ďPeople are human beings with basic emotional needs of acceptance, love, belonging, and appreciation. Even the most self-actualized person on earth, subjected to a consistent diet of criticism, will eventually retreat to a fantasy world of books, TV, or sports, or become a hermit, or even fall apart eventually.Ē

29 March 2007 506 miles. Iíve clearly put journeling aside for a bit, but would like to explore it again as I am able to express different thoughts and feelings than what comes out in my writing. My cousin and his wife flew in for a visit at the beginning of the month. While they were here, my younger brother and his wife and two daughters dropped in for a visit. My YB was praising the merits of mechanical pets, i.e.,, no food to buy, nothing to clean up, no vet visits, etc. I could only stand it for so long. When he ran through the list of ďnoĒ again, I added, ďNo light in their eyes.Ē I take way too much pleasure in conversation-stopping comments. I spent a wonderful weekend in LA. Jan invited me to participate in Tolkien Reading Day. I always feel like Iíve come home. What a pleasure to participate with such pleasant people. I hope to do it again next year.

30 March 2007 514 miles. I had an excellent session with Kevin. And my blackberry bushes are in bloom!