And so the story begins....
Section I-September 22nd
Section II-Remembering
Section III-Perfect spot
Section IV-Brandy Hall
Section V-Riding with Gandalf
Section VI-The Party
Section VII-They’re Gone
Section VIII-A Bit of Merry and Pippin
Section IX-A Bit of Sam
Section X-A Bit More of Sam
Section XI-More of Sam
Section XII-Walking Trip with Sam
Section XIII-Garden Walk with Sam
Section XIV-Fall Walks with Sam
Section XV-End of Fall
Section XVI-Unexpected Walking Trip
Section XVII-Bag End
Section XVIII-Winter Settling In
Section XIX-Winter Walk
Section XX-Lessons
Section XXI-Winter Passing On
Section XXII-Of Jam and Mushrooms
Section XXIII-Winter's Failing Hold
Section XXIV-Spring
Section XXV-Walking Trips Alone
Section XXVI-Trip For Five
Section XXVII-Inn of Pincup
Section XXVIII-Heading Home From Pincup
Section XXIX-Summer Walk with Sam
Section XXX-Harvest Approaches
Section XXXI-Wandering Alone
Section XXXII-An Ordinary Day
Section XXXIII-The Story Unfolds
Section XXXIV-Hurried Packing
Section XXXV-Sam's Decision
Section XXXVI-And So It Begins...
Section XXXVII-Cornfields
Section XXXVIII-The Road
Section XXXIX-Bucklebury Ferry
Section XL-Two Become Four
Section XLI-Unexpected Revelations
Section XLII-A Night in Bree
Section XLIII-Leaving Bree
Section XLIV-Into the Wild
Section XLV-An Unpleasant Turn
Section XLVI-Weathertop
Section XLVII-Flight to the Ford
Section XLVIII-Welcome to Rivendell
Section XLIX-Friends in Rivendell
Section L-Council Beginnings
Section LI-Council Continues
Section LII-Council Decisions
Section LIII-Brief Reprieve
Section LIV-Leaving Rivendell
Section LV-Heading South
Section LVI-Fencing Lesson
Section LVII-Caradhras
Section LVIII-Wolves
Section LIX-Moria Walls
Section LX-Doors of Moria
Section LXI-Watcher in the Water
Section LXII-Pathways of Moria
Section LXIII-Balin's Tomb
Section LXIV-Cave Troll
Section LXV-What New Devilry Is This?
Section LXVI-The Chasm
Section LXVII-The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm
Section LXVIII-Gandalf Lost
Section LXIX-Mirrormere
Section LXX-Entering Lothlórien
Section LXXI-The Flet
Section LXXII-Blindfolded
Section LXXIII-Journey in the Dark
Section LXXIV-Caras Galadhon
Section LXXV-Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel
Section LXXVI-Lament for Gandalf
Section LXXVII-Morning in Lothlórien
Section LXXVIII-Respite
Section LXXIX-Galadriel's Garden
Section LXXX-Galadriel's Mirror
Section LXXXI-Galadriel's Counsel
Section LXXXII-Final Night In Lothlórien
Section LXXXIII-Parting
Section LXXXIV-Gifts
Section LXXXV-Leaving Lorien
Section LXXXVI-The Shoal
Section LXXXVII-The Argonath
Section LXXXVIII-Lake Side
Section LXXXIX-Boromir
Section XC-Amon Hen
Section XCI-Aragorn
Section XCII-Merry and Pippin
Section XCIII-Decision
Section XCIV-Sam
Section XCV-The Eastern Shore
Section XCVI-Just a Dream
Section XCVII-Rope